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Ayvalık Map

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General Information
” Island paradise surrounded by … ”

With a charming district of Balikesir Ayvalik, unique beaches and architecture with a typical Mediterranean beach has the distinction of being the county . A historic settlement, the churches and monasteries in Ayvalik has a lot of … Besides the natural beauty of this charming town with interesting architecture attracts attention. Ayvalik with narrow streets and old stone houses , inhabited by warm-hearted people , history and natural beauty with a ride in a waist doyamayacağınız . A Ayvalıktan Garlic , C and Satan’s Supper in some of the places to be seen . Satan Sorfa can find the opportunity to watch a bird’s-eye from the beauty of Ayvalik .
The typical Mediterranean climate showing Ayvalik ” te summers are hot and dry while winters are mild and rainy . Especially in May and in September Ayvalik brightest days lives. Seafood seasons with the start of the county a big movement is seen . Nevertheless, in the spring in Ayvalik is not saturated . Autumn during the county silence dominates. during this time, the district visited the rest of the district, the authentic atmosphere soluyabilirv warm people with plenty of chat. Write stupefyingly hot avoid the can spring and autumn the county to explore the appropriate times.
Ayvalik carried by road transport . Ayvalik ‘s highways Canakkale – Izmir and Balikesir – Izmir highways provide . Besides, sea and air from Istanbul in conjunction with Balikesir Ayvalik able to achieve . Again, Ankara and Izmir, Balikesir in conjunction , in conjunction Banda can be accessed by rail from Istanbul . Ayvalik – about 144 km from Balikesir is . Ayvalik from Istanbul and Ankara, the main bus companies are regularly organized expeditions .
Region Local Transportation
Ayvalik by bus from the bus terminal Küçükköy Municipality of garlic can go . In addition to transport terminal and more from the center of the county can benefit from minibuses minibuses . From Republic Square and ten minutes from minibuses Çamlık Supper pass from Satan . Ayvalik Cunda Island municipal buses depart from the center . These buses will serve until late at night .
Ayvalik, has a history of a history that stretches back to antiquity . Ayvalik position on the establishment of the various civilizations that ruled . In the first ages has been a settlement on the islands on the coast of Ayvalik . In front of the islands of Ayvalik ” Hekatos Islands ” was called . Nesos in these islands , Chalkis, Pordosel and Kydonia until settlement was established. These settlements lived the most brilliant period in the Roman period . During the last decades of the Eastern Roman Empire had lost important . Thereafter settlement “First Lead Hill” began to shift towards the foothills . The city’s historical process has been in the development of this new residential area . From these four ancient city was gradually abandoned until Chalkis and Pordosel and was buried . Nesos and the presence of Kydonia could continue until today .

Ayvalik name ” Kydonia of” Turkish ” to be translated with has taken . Convenient bays Ayvalik an era of pirates suffered a bustling port has become . According to a rumor Ayvalıkta of the houses being adjacent and streets shortness these pirates presence is connected to . Pirate raids to protect homes and streets constructed in this manner to the edimiştir.ilerle the ages Ayvalik a typical Greek settlement has become . these lands of Ottoman rule under the predominantly Greek -inhabited areas have become . herein Greeks generally in fishing and agriculture for their livelihood have provided .
Things to Do
Ayvalik to do with history and natural beauty to be seen , one of the places that should be visited … Ayvalik in sheep ‘s 22 large and small islands . Devil’s Supper and the islands, especially from the Ayvalik very enjoyable to watch … In an iron cage of Satan’s Supper is said to be the devil has a huge footprint . Already this has taken place name here . In particular, the haunt of sunset photographers must necessarily follow from the Devil Supper . You can capture amazing images with your lens is not here .

Garlic with its long sandy beach of sea fans in attracting … here ‘s a lot of hotels and restaurants . Plenty of garlic vast sunbathe on the beaches , swim in the clear waters . In addition , aligned along the beach you can spend a pleasant time in cafes . These cafes can play backgammon or card games , you can get away from the scorching heat of the sun .

Adds unique beauty to the islands of Ayvalik … Ayvalik is located in the bay of islands , except in C , is not in any settlement . Even some of the islands are inundated during ebb . Ayvalik on the island , especially in the course of Satan’s Supper is not saturated . To do with the engine should join in organized tours to the islands . Cunda Island ( Alibeyler Island) You can find historic sites and museums . In the past , this particular Greek settlement on the island can also come in many churches and monasteries … In the evening, people would demand the restaurants on the Island of CA .

Walking on the sea shore on the island of Cunda and shoppers can come across a lot of people . Here, the buffet and souvenir shops are much in demand .

Another must-see place … 130 years of the Taksiyarhis Church of Jesus Christ in this church paintings depicting life will captivate you …

Pine trees covered with pine forest area of Ayvalik Garlic … Here restaurants, camps and can come to tea gardens . Especially here in the spring and fall you can find people who picnic . Also suitable for camping summerhouse … Here you can blend in with nature , you can enjoy the beauty of Ayvalik .

Madhouse Island in the clean sea and the natural beauty of the islands to be seen with another … This is a small monastery on the island you can visit the island, you can walk clean air .
Wining and Dining
Ayvalik , you may encounter a typical Mediterranean cuisine . Mediterranean cuisine unique to the Balikesir region outside can also find the opportunity to taste the local dishes .

Ayvalik olive is very famous . Olive oil is produced in small workshops . To taste local dishes made ​​with olive oil saturation would not advise you to taste . Local dishes include ” fringed pasty ” and ” keskek ” I must try .

Ayvalik and a lot of fish in the island ‘s restaurants . Here sea bass, sea bream, dentex, you can try the octopus and fish such as whiting . In particular, you should try papal fish . Likewise papalina special fish of this region …

Garlic in a buffet buffet in the streets toast, baked potatoes, such as mussels can find all sorts of food . So you can fill your stomach and affordable way .
Ayvalik be able to find everything you are looking for … 3M Migros , especially in the town center can exchange you wish . Again in Ayvalik do a little shopping you can enjoy the shops .

In the county are quite a lot of shops selling souvenirs . Established in exhibitions in C minor islands can buy ornaments . Of course not come to Ayvalik olive oil to take … At least on the way back to your home in Ayvalik olive oils produced in local factories should get to do .
Where most of the nightlife is concentrated in Ayvalik Garlic … Garlic is a large number of restaurants and hotels , the bars and disco music and entertainment throughout the night until the morning ongoing entertainment … Babylon Disco, Casa Nostra , Check Point Disco, CNN Cafe-Bar , Grand Hotel Diskov Street Bar some of the most sought-after places …

Cunda is quite lively in the evenings . Here you can dine in the restaurants , you can spend hours of fun with music programs . Cunda Island teemed with people in the evening . You can spend the evening here , coffee or tea can relax in the garden .
Outdoor Sports
Ayvalik quite suitable for hunting and fishing, sports … Bream, bream , such as papal plenty of fish out here . In particular, they most like to hunt the papal fisherman’s fish species .

Ayvalik by hunters of wild boar, rabbit , quail, ground chicken hunt. The multitude of islands in the district for the sport of diving is preparing a conducive environment . Anyone interested in sports, a lot of this Ayvalik prefer ; diving course where course gives a lot . Also very suitable for trekking Çamlık …
Ayvalik at the center of a state hospital , a health center and a tuberculosis dispensary ‘s . Besides Altınova , CA , the Küçükköy and a health center in the island Bağyüz there . Has a number of pharmacies in the county . In an emergency you can take advantage of these pharmacies . Also Burhaniye Ayvalik which is close to the hospital in the States Gulf ‘s largest and carries the distinction of being a full-fledged hospital …
Burhaniye , Pergamum, Standing , Edremit Edremit

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  8. Я спрашиваю, почему я приехал в Турцию до сих пор. Приду при первой же возможности.

  9. Cosa si dovrebbe fare per rendere la tua vacanza in Turchia Sono venuto sul tuo sito e ricevo molte informazioni quando lo chiedo.

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