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Ankara Escort

Avşa Map

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General Information
” Adakarası grapes , wine, and an island in the Marmara ”

In the middle of the Marmara Sea , a small island famous for its grapes and wine Avşa . The island welcomes thousands of visitors each year , with a lively splash of color in the crowd is . Due to the ease of access to the major cities , making it ideal for short term holiday Avşa , moving more and more turning into a center .
Avsa holiday season begins in June . From various parts of the Marmara region of holidaymakers are filling Avsa . Avsar tourism is common in hostels Avsa a few families during the summer season from the people gathered in a house are renting their homes as hostels . Also the cottage rather than the number …
Avsa your only access road to the sea will be. But the sea ‘s various alternatives . First, if you find a place Karakoy Pier with moving from the Mavi Marmara ship can ride comfortably . Throughout the season roads is restricted almost a problem finding the place more crowded on board . If you sit outside on a sunny whom a lot of places , some places also recalled that it was very windy .

If you want your car to go to the island of Avsar , you can ride the ferry from Tekirdağ . Other than that, moving from Tekirdağ Avsa marine engines are also available. The journey takes 5.5 hours by boat from Istanbul , Tekirdag and 2 hours from . If you’d like from Erdek from Tekirdağ Indirect ; Avsa if you wish, you can reach by ferry from Istanbul only .
Also held in Avsa the sea buses provide both comfortable and fast transportation .
Avsa major developments throughout history that show evidence of a general truth . Christians thought to be used as a place of exile on the island ‘s monastery at one . In the Byzantine period the island’s name in the records ‘ Ofousi as’ are found. Later , the Greeks are thought to have migrated to the area of the island ‘ in Afissi ‘ gave the name . If Avşa have this name with Turkish state.

But the bones unearthed in excavations , made ​​of terracotta pottery , flint , such as ruins, unlike general information go up to the island’s history shows that much older . But today, other than the ruins of a monastery and a chapel ruins are encountered .
Things to Do
Avsa dock on the right and left sides extending along the entire beach becomes quite crowded during the summer . Yigit you can enter the path of the stores from the place of departure of the van is reached. Yigit mostly preferred by families with children and the elderly Avsa the popular village … The board also more affordable than Avsa . Ironsides in about 15 minutes by minibus . Also here you can reach the carriage . Here is the last stop in Altinkum beach … But if you wish you can walk to Altinkum from the stack . 15-minute walk along the beach you can do will bring to Altinkum . If you walk to the left of the beach in Altinkum beach and cliffs carved into the cliffs you’ll see that ends with tea gardens . If you feel dizzy most of the rocky cliffs of the steep stairs to the top of the exit. Here , you will get great pleasure from watching the sunset in particular .
Wining and Dining
You can find plenty about the food in Avsa alternative . Due to the fact that the island is a bit pricey specify. First of all cafes near the beach hot dogs or hamburgers you can eat fast food type . Besides baked in Avsa widespread. Indispensable sweet bite of the region . Too hot , do not eat the donut , in the evening when you come to lovely walks in plastic containers , you can watch kızartılış surely taste of crispy bite . Very thin, crispy dough and a slight taste of sugar . It is quite tasty . Of course, the island’s fish restaurants and Avsa not forget to taste the famous wines .
Avsa quite large and a bazaar where you can find everything you are looking feature . Quite crowded bazaars around the clock , not be able to walk comfortably . Ornaments and unique to the region has numerous shops selling souvenirs . All kinds of clothing, marine supplies , ivory and wooden jewelery , wooden figurines, key chains, wooden kitchen and decoration materials, you will be spoiled for choice among wine . In addition to Avsa Avşa incidentally also do not forget to take wine .
Avşa colorful in every form and portrays a bustling resort center to visitors … As you’ll find everything you’re looking for , there are all kinds of fun you can enjoy .

Çarşıyk street that runs parallel to the beach that day and a lively night , lots of light and the street turns into a noisy bar . Row by row , which consists of a small bar with protruding music , lined up in front of the door in the morning in one of the wicker stool can . Besides the pier to walk about 700m to the right of way if falling on the road, facing the sea, decent bar you will see the hotel . If at the end of this road Disco Tanz most popular with young people here a colorful venue. Live music and shows animators can spend the night with an insatiable jollify in Tanza .

If your vehicle is on the road to the village Marti Ironsides can visit Disco .
Outdoor Sports
In Avsa done all sea sports . There are also places where you can rent a kayak … Diving, snorkling , very common in sports such as water skiing . Sea toys attracts the attention of visitors of all ages . Banana ride groups , exciting and fun can spend minutes .

Natural make trips , nature photography to deal with common … Fishing is a common hobby … Pier in the morning is overflowing with people who love fishing .
Avsa and in the stack, depending on the state ‘s health centers . In addition, private clinics and numerous local pharmacy. I do not worry Island ; highly advanced and you’ll find everything you’re looking for a small city Avşa .
Marmara Island , Beşiktaş , Canakkale
Holidays with Children
Avşa without straying far from Istanbul holiday with children is quite ideal for those who want to … Refrain from Avsar Bazaar which is very crowded , especially the quieter village of Ironsides , or you can choose to Altinkum . Altinkum shallow sea and quiet beach will allow you to spend a comfortable holiday with your children .

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  4. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.

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