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” Culture , tourism, spas , oxygen , history, nature ….” Marmara and the Aegean Sea coast because of what the province has a rich potential . On the Aegean coast Alibeyler Island, Garlic – BURHANİYE (ruins) – Edremit ( Edremit , Edremit ) , Marmara off the coast of the Gonen ( Denizkent ) Banda , Beşiktaş and Marmara ( Avşa Turkeli ) tourism enhance mobility are regions . Also, spas, Kuşcenneti National Park, Mount Ida and Kapıdağ diversity gives an alternative to the region’s tourism .

Balikesir province in the summer season and 2-3 times the amount of the population of the county . Winter mountain tourism, extreme sports enthusiasts and nature lovers are preferred by . Kaz mountains located to the north of the Gulf of Edremit nature , history and values ​​of beauty , scenic viewing , fauna and flora and abundant water resources with zanginlik has a great value . Therefore, in terms of mountain tourism is a good alternative . We recommend the summer season period . Green and water resources of the Kaz mountains to enjoy the spring and summer season Balikesir and the environment will be worth seeing scenes of beauty ….

Istanbul – distance 394 km from Balikesir . dr. Ankara – is 453 km from Balikesir . dr. Transportation by road is provided as quite comfortable . Especially from Istanbul Yenikapı – from Banda are frequently conducted during the summer ferries . This distance is based on a short period of 2 hours . Banda district transportation to and from Balıkesir province is provided in a much shorter period of time . A large part of the county located in the Balikesir province in the Marmara region rich in terms of tourism is quite crowded summer season . Opened in 1997 as Gulf Airport transportation is an alternative .

Region Local Transportation
To all districts of Balıkesir at any time of day from the central bus transportation is readily provided . The summer season is quite dense road traffic continues until late at night . Transportation is provided to the town by the sea of Marmara . Avşa island , especially during the summer months in Istanbul – from Avsar by hydrofoil from the ship and a significant amount is flooded with local and foreign tourists . Avşa island beach with scenic beaches as well as Ekinlik and bottom with marble palace in the village of Marble Beach is one of the interesting natural beaches .

Balıkesir and prehistoric environment MÖ.3200 the years of settlement to the present day anlaşılmaktadır.mö.2000 sees through the Balkans in the years they established the colony is seen from the Pelasgians . From this date until the Turks in the area known by the name of Mysia Cyzicus , Daskyleion , ANTANDROS important as the existence of the ancient city was known . After the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071, the Seljuk Bey Shah son of Mr. Pen Karesiogulları Mysia and around its central square of Balikesir, made ​​by establishing the principality . Then came the sovereignty of the Ottoman Principality , became a province in 1923 . In 1926 the name changed Balikesir Square was named .

Things to Do
Nearby points of interest in the center of Balikesir ; Zagnos Pasha Mosque, Pamukçu Springs, the Ethnographic Museum , the Museum of the Nationalists are among things to do . Olive in the town Hasanboğuldu icy waters with promenade and Ida Mountain in Olive Allah creek on a picnic favorable Sutüven waterfalls , sea gushing freshwater , forest, air and sea iodine and oxygen enriched air , coupled with the world’s oxygen abundance in the direction of the first 3 region has been among. Ayvalik history and natural beauty alongside the seabed with its natural beauties in Turkey is located in the first row .

Wining and Dining
Balikesir well , Satan’s Supper in the sunset without watching , Cunda Island fish eating, Avşa wines, savoring the District, on the beaches without going overboard , Spas utilize , without Höşmerim dessert eating, Susurluk buttermilk, before drinking , Cologne and Sindirgi from the Oiler Badr carpet back without the . While on the way to Kazdağ in a small green salad and fish eating fish restaurants in the forests of the oxygen tank and Hasanboğuldu without putting your feet into the frigid water of rotation . Enjoy the realities of life in the districts of Balıkesir and you will find magnificent .

Outdoor Sports
All kinds of water sports, off-road in the Ida Mountains , trekking, rafting , hunting, camping , scuba diving can be done . Also Şahinderesi Canyon Jeep safaris are eligible for . Recently met with great interest all over the world of adrenaline sports Paragliding can be done. Kapıdağı , Spruce Plateau , Center , Madre Mountains , Side trails from the highlands are suitable for mountaineering and trekking .

Yağcıbedir carpets woven in the town of Sındırgı life 150-200 years, and has a value as you use the appreciating authentic . We recommend that when you go to the county procurements . Also belonging to the local culture and İvrindi from small ornaments pottery , ceramics, kitchen accessories you can get . Sususluk district, is famous for crafting furniture . İvrindi in the district can get from hand-made test .

Bursa, Canakkale, Manisa, Izmir .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January : -1 / 6 February : 1/8 March: 4/14
April : 7/ 20 May 10 /24 June : 14/29
July: 18/30 August: 17/34 September: 13/26
October 11 /21 November : 5/14 Range: 2/11
Gonen Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Gonen is on the edge of tea .
» Water temperature : 52 degrees
» PH Value: 7.36
» Features: hyperthermal , hypotonic mineral water. Sulfate, chloride, bicarbonate, sodium
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Treatment Diaesses : Drinking cures , liver, gall bladder, kidney function improves , bathroom cures rheumatism, fracture sequelae, pain and inflammatory gynecological diseases , colon painful , spastic inflammation ( colitis ), the hardening of the arteries , neurological and vascular complications sequela and convalescence period is effective.
» Accommodation: Stars Hotel ( 207 Rooms, 381 Beds) Derma Hotel ; ( 57 Rooms, 111 Beds) Stars Hotel , ( 150 rooms and 264 B )

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