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General Information
“Black Sea riviera Bart ” Bart the Black Sea region , 10km from the sea in the western Black Sea section . established inside , history , tourist attractions , forests and natural beauty in terms of developing provinces of Turkey and is one of the very important . Provinces north of the Black Sea , east of Cide and Pinarbasi , Southeast Eflani and Safranbolu, Karabük and Yenice south , west and the transferor district of Zonguldak Çaycuma are available. Bartin, Turkey on September 7, 1991 74 Province was .

The difference in Bartin holiday , in more ways than felt. The preferred way of experiencing the beauty in each other . Far as the horizon full vegetation patterns and forest tunnel magic of the seasonal garden , if the color green zeal , or in autumn leaves sadness ; those differences just a few of the … Bart ‘s downtown antique assets and Bart ‘s house many years ago, will take you … Write sea and springs , winter snow is favorable in terms of tourism .

Bartin intercity transportation in providing highway in the west Çaycuma – enabled ( Zonguldak ) – Meng the – Yeniçağa ( Bolu), in the south of Safranbolu ( Karabuk )- Gerede (Bolu) over the E- 80 highway with the E-5 State road reaches . East Cide (Kastamonu ) , again in the south of Safranbolu ( Karabuk ) through the Middle and Eastern Black Sea and Central Anatolia is opened. Coast international port city, Bartin Bartin port at the same time serving as a passenger entry and exit door. In the province of Bartin port with the port of Amasra and Kurucaşile serves as the national commercial ports . Bartin nearest airport is 38 kilometers away , but Saltukova the nearest railway station is 38 kilometers away Saltukova ( Zonguldak ) . Istanbul – Bart distance between 420 km . dr.

Region Local Transportation
Bart transportation are easily arranged from the districts . Most uzuak even within provinces to Cide can go with a minibus from the central bus station . Ashland, 17 km, 62 km Kurucaşile , Asian 37 km , Safranbolu, 74 km, 90 km Cide . away. Also in the spring and summer recreation areas and natural beauty , national parks and areas where transportation is provided to the frequently .

Bartin ‘s ancient name ” PARTHENIA ” is. Bart , ” PARTHENIOUS ” is set on the edge of the river , the river was named . PARTHENIOUS , ” Water God ” or ” Gorgeous Flowing Water ” gelir.bart of meaning , Ottoman Anatolia between the years of 1460-1692 depending on Beylerbeyliği’ne took place within the borders of Bolu Sanchez . Between the years 1692-1811 through the removal of the Sanjak of Bolu Voyvodalık Bart managed depending on the Kastamonu province in 1811 re-established the Sanjak was connected to Bolu .

Things to Do
Kuskayasi Memorial, Bartin -Amasra on the road Askersu is located 100 m south of the site . This is a rock was carved . Nicholas Church, was built in 1319 by the Greek Community in Bartin . Power Plant is used as a period from 1936 , this historic building, has been restored in 1994 , as the House was opened Kuiti . Gürcüoluk Cave Bartin 32 Km. away and the town of Amasra Karakaçan neighborhood of the village is Kuyupınar . To reach the cave , from the neighborhood to the south , sometimes in the forest , sometimes with paths need to walk about 3 km . Aksuça Falls Nation – Red cranny of the village of Sandy ‘s is located in the hills . I’m of the hills dividing the Aksu River 10 meters wide , down from a height of 35 meters in three stages is reduced.

Wining and Dining
Bart research regarding the cuisine detected in more than 100 varieties of food clearly reveals the richness of the local cuisine . In particular, winter , summer , such as food distinctions and varieties , albeit less traditional winter food for local products from the summer prepared winter supplies between roasting, sausage , wheat, tomatoes and beans dry , noodles , dry dough , keskek , tarhana, molasses, jams , pickles, marmalade and stewed and canned vegetables are important. Bartin Rice Dumplings are the most famous dishes , raw pie, Gartlaç , Çöven Bread , Kırtıl , Halisa, Isbıt , Milk Pears, Pump My Soup, known as Gelintel .

Bart is rich in crafts aspect . Tel Crushing handcraft , Attractiveness of Art and Ship Models produced a lot of people are employed. Rugs distracts the inner world of women in the region .. old local from clothing to handicrafts reflect Uskuf Vest , wire break can get examples of home accessories . Summer or winter every Tuesday to Sunday established Wales fresh milk, buffalo yoghurt and garden products market women constitute the majority of the faithful is a market . Briefly, Bart , is located in a line between reality and imagination . In other words, all the values ​​contained in the tourism case or possible to enjoy to see .

Outdoor Sports
Bart copper bays embracing the azure seas to cool off , waterfalls , perikaya , canyons and the sinkhole ‘s lush forested wilderness to hunt , walk , climb , and nature, breathe in the air an insatiable gives pleasure to nature lovers .. on the 500-ton ship capable of entangling Bart ‘s in the river boat rides can , can fish , flora 1200 year old natural forests may soak , 129 bird and 40 mammal species inhabit the fauna of zanginlig can enjoy . Briefly, Bart and the environment is a true wonder of nature .

Gürcüoluk extremely interesting caves in the region is adorned with stalactites and stalagmites . Stalactite walls and curtains , columns, stalactites onion and pasta is a colorful world . Search for healing of asthma patients completed the development of a cave , but inside that cave Gürcüoluk drop by drop formation continues … No spas in the region is negligible . Most importantly, ” Mineral Dereköy ” stop. Intestine, gall bladder disorders are useful in

Karabük , Zonguldak, Kastamonu .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January: 0 /6 February : 0 /9 March : 4/14
April : 6/ 18 May 10 /21 June : 13/26
July : 15/ 28 Aug. 17 /31 September : 12/25
October 11 /21 November : 5 /13 January : 2/11
Holidays with Children
Bartin vacation with kids very convenient to make is a region .. Mountains , rivers , national parks, picnic areas, a mysterious beaches and waterfalls both sea and mountain tourism experience the cave, canyon and city ‘s natural flora and your children health and a lively holiday alternatives can offer. In addition, a seasonal hotel accommodations and accompanied by native guides in the region can visit.

special Days
Bart if your travel is during the first week of June each year, the Strawberry Festival in the region could be a guest , you can find examples of Bartın the folkloric life . Bart ‘s traditional Galle Market, Strawberry Festival , outstanding regional cuisine , century patterns of silver glittering with lights reflecting on telkır studies and crafts exhibits different beauty ..

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