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Ankara Escort


General Information
” Bilecik crafts and nature .. ”

Bilecik southeast of the Marmara Region , Marmara, Black Sea, Central Anatolia and the Aegean region is on the cut-off point . Of the plane trees in the cool shade icy buttermilk , sipping pristine , unpolluted ponds, pine embrace the peace of mind to feel , on the colorful flowers , hundreds of plant species, crystal clear waters and pristine air and the springs of thyme scent to inhale birds chirping voices echoing in the mountains roam if you want Bilecik waiting for you.

Each season another beautiful Bilecik te summer to walk around , picnicking and fishing you would prefer a season should be .. winter and summer extraordinary landscapes with plateaus, cool in summer picnic areas and outdoor sports in all seasons to visit within Bilecik do to be seen in camps is one .

Bilecik for a day trip or a weekend trip can be an alternative tirelessly . Adapazari highway to ease of use . Bilecik out in the round-trip path is moving so comfortable . Bilecik – the 453 km from Ankara . dr. Istanbul – from Bilecik 250 km long.

Lecia come across before is the first settlement in 3000 BC . City ‘s oldest known names are Agrilion and Agrillum . Eastern Roman period, ” Belekoma known as” the city was a Tekfurluk . Takfir urban environmental management of guys called the castle was protected . Belekoma Bilecik famous old castle located in the valley , but the basics remain standing today . Bilecik of the Kayi Clan roots come from Central Asia, where 400 tents , dormitories and Willow obtain and settled in the Ottoman Empire, where they are established .

Things to Do
Near and remote , many people visited the Ottoman Empire that is the seed of boats valued leader Ertugrul Gazi ‘s tomb Willow , the Ottoman government establishing Osman’s father-in-law of the Ottoman Empire of the founding spiritual leader known as Sheikh Edebali ‘s tomb in Bilecik te , majestic symbol of the War of Independence Monument in Bozüyük are Metristep . Silk Road passed through the Chişinău, long history with the history of the Ottoman era many other civilizations and historical-cultural value have .
Join Belekoma Castle, Clock Tower, Orhangazi Church and Alms House , Koprulu Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai ( Bilecik ) , the Turkish Grand Platform , Ertuğrulgazi Museum, Dursun Fakih Tomb, Mehmet Celebi Mosque , Double Minaret Mosque , Ertuğrulgazi Masjid, Governor fountain , historic buildings (Willow ) Inonu cemetary, İntikamtep cemetary , Auburn Abdal Tomb Kazimpasa Mosque soup kitchen ( Bozüyük ) , Church, examples of civil architecture ( Osmaneli ) , Tashan , Mihalgazi Church , Kapılıka to , Kayamezar the examples of civil architecture ( Gölpazari ) , Mihalgazi Tomb ( Monopoly ) historical- cultural heritage has many more . In short, Chişinău, so you will not be limited with 3-5 days to explore the cultural and natural wealth has .

Wining and Dining
Many of the dishes creates local pastries . A portion of the local people , the bread is cooking itself . Pita , bending, hodalak pasta baked bread türleridir.yör people , tarhana, couscous , noodles as well as the food itself is prepared . Shrinking, chickpea and chicken ravioli, keşkek, ovmac soup , lentil ravioli, cut dough , hair, phyllo pastry, oily pastry , water pastry, stew , beans , couscous, rice , foam halva , roasting , must halva , disrupt , Bilecik specific dishes are major.
Region -specific dishes at restaurants you can find in provincial and district centers .

7 Marketplace , Bursa province , 35 km away from the village Kınık Sarybay located 1.5 km away from the Fish position ” red earth ” and the so-called raw clay used in pottery fetching . Homogeneity by the method of transferring this land to rest someday kazandırılıp is being crushed and machine . Ellen situation to work with the dough vases , amphorae , pots , ashtrays, casseroles, large decorative vases, pitchers , ewers , cups , and most also known as tile fish pans are made. 800-850 degrees Pastries baked earth , underglaze decoration and glaze are decorated with various colors are after . Degree will be offered again in 1000-1100 cooked . These are easily available in the region . Tan marble tiles made ​​out of it and you can also get tourist handicrafts .

Outdoor Sports
Küçükelmalı Pond Environment , Marketplace Küçükelmalı 10 km away from the town center near the village , is the resting place covered with pine trees in the forest . In tennis courts , playground and tables, benches , stove, toilet , children’s playground is located. The pond is also suitable for youth and scout camps environmental altitude of 950 m . and , extreme sports and Cultural Park in nature. Angling is quite a bit of hiking trails around the pond . Apart from that mountain tourism Rural tourism, camping – caravanning and are suitable for hiking .
This beautiful region of its historical – cultural richness , along with various natural resources ( mountains, forests, springs , streams , ponds, healing waters , canyon, waterfalls …) and many other attractions with sporting alternative types of tourism (trekking, canyoning , auto safaris, camping – caravanning, fishing , biking …) also has areas suitable for .

Osmaneli 9 km . away , sodium chloride , sodium bicarbonate , sodium sulphate -rich water temperature from 15 to 20 C degrees. Stomach, liver , gallbladder and intestines come treatment of diseases of the urinary tract , kidney or bladder stones , such as is effective in lowering . Mineral water is the county Bahçesult Marketplace . It is good for stomach and kidney disease . The water temperature is 10 degrees . Çaltı Hot Water temperature is 36 ° C . 10 km from the town of Willow . away , Çaltı village. Abundance of boiling water , is collected in a basin bath . Water , sodium bicarbonate has the most . Bath boils, skin , rheumatic diseases, smoking is beneficial for stomach ailments .

Bursa, Sakarya, Bolu , Eskisehir, Turkey .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January : -1 / 5 February : 0/6 March: 3/13
April: 7/18 May: 10/22 June: 14/26
July: 16/28 August: 19/32 September: 13/34
October 11 /19 November : 5/12 Range: 2/9
Holidays with Children
Bilecik and the environment is an area unique for holidays with children . Plateaus , picnic areas , ponds and parks in the region with children will leave unforgettable memories . Also worth Ertugrul Gazi Museum with historic culture awaits you . Willow City Center Old Turkish house architecture restored and opened in 2001 at the Museum of nomads living in close proximity to the vicinity of Willow and ethnographic artifacts and furnishings are on display. Museum starboard , old clothing, harnesses , hand -woven rugs and carpets, weapons, measuring and weighing instruments , napkins and purses ; archaeological artifacts ( Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods coins from the Roman era earthen pots ) are available.

Ertuğrul Gazi made ​​since his death in 1281 ” Ertugrul Gazi Commemoration and Willow Festival” is maintained for centuries as a great example of gratefulness . Every year a greater interest in September with the second week of the last three days ( three days – Sunday major ceremonies ) Willow ceremony held at the foremost of the Kayi Clan Karakeçili tribal members , including in Turkey from all over the thousands of nomads , tens of thousands of people will attend . Province of great importance in tourism and hospitality to guests from Turkey , which serves the finest examples of great enthusiasm and excitement experienced in this grand celebration .
Also, the spiritual leader of the Ottoman Empire Edebali counted as “held for Bilecik liberation from enemy occupation and Sheikh Edebali Ahilik Culture and Arts Festival ” is made in Bilecik on September 5-6-7 .
Again, most of the Marmara region of our province Bilecik with pomegranate production in mid-October in the District of Monopolies “Pomegranate Festival ” is held .

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