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General Information
” Eastern Black Sea province cute .. ”

Bayburt, Erzurum and Trabzon Eastern Anatolia connecting the Black Sea is located on the historical Silk Road . Caves, underground city, with mounds and forts can be seen in the adventure of life of mankind and civilization is one of the very rare places in Bayburt . 2500 kinds of springs with rich flora with a thousand varieties of flowers is one of the world’s fastest flowing river Coruh River Bayburt, which has a rich natural heritage with historical and touristic beauty continues to fascinate everyone .

Bayburt the Eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia climate of climate , terrestrial features an overriding transition climate prevails. Therefore, the summers are hot and dry and winters are cold and rainy . Therefore, different snowy winter days , if you want to experience a different atmosphere on hot summer days Bayburt, you must visit .
May 20 to June 5 at the dates of Bayburt visited if you Kirkpinar in the village doctors snake without seeing July, in the third week have come up with are ” Dede Korkut Arts & Culture Şöleni’ne ” joining , Provincial Forest without a tour , shroud Kebab , Gındırl but Meatballs Do not leave without .. .

Bayburt provinces is quite easy to transport . Army Black Sea coast road by road , continue in the direction of Bayburt Gümüshane are available . Istanbul – 1132 km distance between Bayburt . dr. Ankara – is 797 km from Bayburt . dr. You can also use your preference in favor of the airline but the airport is not yet in the city of Trabzon from 178 km to Bayburt . katederek like you can reach a road distance . Another option could be your private car , accompanied by spectacular views of the Black Sea , giving breaks to the distance you can get about 18 sold .

According to sources present the history of the city of Bayburt BC 3000 ‘ can be traced back to the years . Azzi was established by the City . Bayburt BC Between 770-665 years has undergone an influx of Cimmerian and Scythian . Later, the region has been dominated by Haldia . Med area a short time later passing into the hands of the Persian rule was entered into .
The city’s name is known to this day in the medieval Armenian sources ; Payberd , in Byzantine sources ; Paypa the Baberd , Paypert . XXII. From this region in the last century in Marco Polo’s Travels ; Painpurth , Baiburt . In Arabic sources ; Bâbirt , II. Published in 1291 in the name of Masood Baypırt money . Aqquyunlu contemporary works from the date mentioned in the form of Pâpirt the last syllable of the last word of Berd ” high castle ” mean in the first syllable is known that it can be given to a man . In 1647, Evliya Çelebi, who visited the city of Bayburt name , which means rich “Mr. ” in the waist , which means “homeland ” as is explained by two words . Ottoman-era resources in accordance with the pronunciation of the name in these days as they record Bayburt .

Things to Do
Bayburt , from bird watching , cave tourism , museums and historical sites to the highlands of the Inns of bath up to the castle destination embodies a lot of things to do . Aydintepe Underground City of Bayburt northwest mountainous region in the parish center AYDINTEPE located in the city , tuff , within the surface 2-2.5 m deep in the other building materials without the use of carved into the bedrock galleries, vaulted rooms , and this room is opened wider spaces consist of . Excavation still continues today . Bayburt Castle located in the north of the city center on the construction of information is not absolute. Local princes and kingdoms of the castle played an important role in the struggle MS It is estimated that in 58 . Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Comnenos sovereignty remaining in the building, has been restored many times . Halva Ice Cave Village , Masate Valley Halva village is located in the south . 33 km from the city center . located at a distance of ice formed stalactites and stalagmites in the cave can be seen. By the villagers at different times of the cave is used as cold storage , ice formation reflect different forms of care is remarkable .

Wining and Dining
Bayburt general feature seen in regional dishes , depending on flour and flour dishes , meat dishes and vegetables with olive oil is more than made up as some sort of food . Some of the region’s food ; wire candy , sweet soup , galaçoş , sour cabbage , stuffed with curd , is a fake stuffed .

Bayburt, copper engraving, weaving rugs and robe are important. Especially produced rugs and original motifs of Bayburt . In addition, the robe is woven dokumaclıg unique to the region . Made my robe vest , tablecloths , bedspreads , rugs , curtains and ties are attractive furnishings .

Outdoor Sports
Bayburt with marvelous nature nature lovers are waiting for you … Coruh River and its tributaries is suitable for freshwater fishing products . An arm Masjid from the mountains , another branch also Otlukbeli from the mountains Taking into two arms of the province within the boundaries Dikmetaş village uniting under the Çoruh river flow in terms of our country’s most important river , is one of this feature due to water sports is very convenient . Starting from the village of the province of Dikmetaş Çoruh River up to the abandoned village at the Aslandede water sports , canoeing and rafting is practiced. You can also highlands hiking and camping .

There is no water supply in the province of Bayburt important healing . Of the few places within the city limits of boiling mineral water is available in low flow . The most efficient is the ” Mineral Bayburt ” stop. Sources city center. The water is very cold . Contains more CO2 gas . It is very helpful for the stomach and intestines .

Gumushane , Trabzon , Erzurum, Erzincan .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: -11 / -2 February: -5 / 2 March: -1 / 8
April : 3/ 13 May : 6/18 June: 10/26
July: 11/26 August: 14/31 September: 8/22
October: 4/16 November: 0/7 Range: -5 / 4
Bayburt’s Independence on February 21 every year is celebrated on the first day Bayburt centers .

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