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General Information
“Wooden spoons, scrumptious meals , lakes and forests … ”

Bol is hidden behind a pine forest , with its natural beauty is reminiscent of a paradise . Adorned with the seven colors of green pine forests in the lakes, springs , healing hot springs are quite unique. Bolu, relax , sports, hunting , picnicking, camping and skiing is an ideal city to do . Various classes in Bolu hotels, motels, hostels and camping centers and recreational facilities of the Ministry of Forestry welcomes many visitors .

Bolu, Black Sea climate with a continental climate, which places a province confused . Cool last winter , leaving a great deal of precipitation . In summer, warm and humid weather prevails. Bolu during the winter months from the nearby mountains on Köroğlu Kartalkaya’daki are finding more suitable for the holidays . Bolu Mountain snowy winter , sometimes freezes the Abant Lake . Hiking in spring and autumn , many people are coming to the region .

Situated on Istanbul to Bolu -Ankara highway , transportation is provided from the highway . Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bolu, from major centers such as major bus companies doing time . From these three cities in Bolu , Özbol of tourism ‘s expeditions .

Region Local Transportation
Protect through plenty of public buses , Thermal and can reach up to Abant . Kartalkaya only can use a taxi for transportation to and seven goals .

BC Alexander the Great Macedonian Empire , including around 300 in the years of plenty where the second Ottoman sultan of the Ottoman Empire by Orhan Gazi who first established limits . Within the city limits A.D. 300l of the year , Emperor of Hudriyanus Üsküb era ruins of the city , it reflects the period . Abant Lake , tourist resorts , which includes cities like Kartalkaya also at 5 km north of the city walls and the remains of the period reflects the Bitinya .

Things to Do
Plenty on the busiest roads an ideal haunt … Stay and eat in the area , you have several options for .

Located 55 kilometers from the center of Bolu Abant , a destination in itself … Rich vegetation , water lilies and reeds paradise with a distinct … Seven Lakes National Park is a meeting point for all nature lovers . Caravan centers and picnic areas, sports facilities and attractive … Büyükgöl , Deringöl , Deringöl , Nazlıgöl , Küçükgöl , İncegöl and Sazlıgöl and fish , and gives life to the birds . Attached to the Ministry of Forestry facilities, provide services to visitors coming to the area .

Puddles artificial lake set , a recreation center at the same time . The peaceful atmosphere of the people are alienated from stress . Able to make the boat rides on the lake . At Kızık Plateau and Plateau, ideal for escaping from the city . Fresh air and into the lungs of human works.

During the winter months the preferred recreation centers, Esentepe, and Kartalkaya . Kartalkaya during the winter months , especially during the semester break kayaksever welcomes all ages . Kartalkaya for young people living in big cities like Istanbul , a beautiful gift of rationing . Restaurants , Bolu, offers examples from famous cuisine . When Meng , Geremi and eat in Mudurnu a joy in itself . Bolu Mountains , Aladdin interested in extreme sports photography , as well as dealing also attracts . Bolu Museum, Akşemsettin Tomb, Ilica Yıldırım Bayezid Mosque and the Mosque of the region’s sights …

Wining and Dining
Celebrity chefs always remove it from Mengen , even in a related festival is held in the spring in Bolu … Bolu cold appetizers and fish dishes with the famous “Little House restaurant” and delicious grill, you’ll find different kinds of dumplings ” Berceste Restaurant ” is one of the places to be preferred to eat . Berceste meat ravioli and stuffed grape leaves in the restaurant to try to do .

Plenty of stores in the city center you can come across in almost any kind . Moreover, many of them very affordable. Bolu handicrafts and souvenirs that reflect the culture of the forest immediately attracts the attention of the visitors . Near plenty of places to rest in the packaging industry is graced by an object in the shops filled with items made of wood are seen. Bowls, cradles, place of table , rolls , salt shakers , tiny closets, sandıkcık , mortars , ladles , tongs, serving … Most kitchen tools and of course a lot more wooden spoons . Ways of shopping places above it appears like an ordinary piece of wood processing , in a sense, the placement of the majority of the villagers in this area and icons depicting the adventure of life …

Outdoor Sports
Bolu, especially winter sports, including hiking , climbing and day , rafting, paragliding and offers various alternatives for off road .

Plenty of centers located around 30 kilometers away Kartalkaya , Uludag after the second closest to big cities are the major ski and winter sports center . Kartalkaya’daki in different slope and degree of difficulty of the ski slopes of Uludag is known to be more appropriate and longer . Kartalkaya ” skiing for those who have never before in a separate , easily available runway . Ski lifts with a capacity of 5,000 people , and free for those staying in hotels . Ski rental facilities and private lessons are also available.

Every season is beautiful Lake Abant is a separate , ideal for hiking . Pine, fir and beech trees make walking trails around the lake , again assigned to the edge of the lake and also can ride a bike . Akyazı township , located in the village of Dokurcun Suluklugol a popular hiking trail . Now, three centuries ago as a result of a mudslide lake , in and around the colorful petrified tree stumps offers unique landscapes with trees . Gere and recreation areas Esentepe also very suitable for hiking . Times and with varying degrees of difficulty where a wide variety of hiking trails in this area , guidance can be taken from nearby hotels . Being so close to the city center, Lake puddles with an easy and pleasant walking trails .

Located approximately 150 kilometers from the a Ilgaz Mountain , mountaineering and winter sports often preferred location for another. Mountains , very appropriate for picnics and nature walks in the summer …

Big Melen River rafting in part also can be made. Düzce and in the mountains and plateaus between Akyazı suitable for off road trails are also available.

For paragliding near the Abant National Park , especially on the hills surrounding Plateau Orencik appropriate departure area is also available.

The absence of private hospitals in the city center of Bolu ‘s just SSK Hospital . State hospital before the city’s Center, we , 10 km from the city center due to various reasons . moved to a distant place . Through frequent public transport moving transportation can be provided easily .

Abant , Adapazarı, Akcakoca, Duzce, Eregli

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January -3 / 3 February : -2 / 6 March : 2/12
April: 5/18 May: 8/20 June: 11/25
July: 13/27 August: 15/32 September: 10/23
October: 9/19 November: 3/11 Range: 0 / 7
Holidays with Children
Seven Lakes , Lake Abant , Akkayalar , Kartalkaya thanks to the natural beauty as having a considerable tourist potential in Bolu hotels, special tariffs are applying for families with children . Children can take advantage of on-site entertainment areas , except in the section where the children can take advantage of the hotel has a leisure center .

Karacasu Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Bolu Province is located in the municipality of Karacasu connected to .
» Transportation: Plenty of 5 km from the city center . away.
» Water temperature : 44 degrees
» PH Value: 6.3
» Features: Birkarbonatl , sulfate , calcium, magnesium, carbon dioxide and fluoride has a composition .
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Diaesses Treatment : Rheumatism, heart and blood circulation, female , kidney and urinary tract , liver, gall bladder, makes a positive impact on diseases such as malnutrition .
» Accommodation: Bolu Thermal Hotel , Little Hot Springs Hotel

Ski Resorts

There are two hotels in Bolu- Kartalkaya’daki . 9 teleskis facility is available with 2 ski tow . The hotel and facilities are privately owned . The total capacity per hour of mechanical facilities 4750 persons / hour There are 13 slopes . The longest runway is 1,400 feet Snow depth average of 250 cm.ol . Total number of beds between 1250 and 1000 guests two restaurants and a swimming pool , disco, games room, snack bar is available. Ski season is December -April .

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