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“Aegean has witnessed the city’s history …”

Canakkale, Asia and Europe that combines history and the first east-west war witnessed a city … blue waters when you look at their holiday as well as thousands of years ghosts of the past also may remember from Canakkale to Gallipoli pass Trojan horse that you must see .. ..

If you go to Gallipoli to take advantage of the sea is the sea water temperature in July-August at the most appropriate seçmelisiniz. it will accommodate all seasons hotel in the center of Canakkale hotels bulabilirsiniz.assos olds position of the pier is usually open in winter.

By road from Istanbul to Canakkale, you can get two distinct ways: through Thrace-Gallipoli-Tekirdag tracked Eceabat way. Gallipoli and able to cross by ferry from Eceabat … every hour from Eceabat mutual option yapılıyor.dig time the Yalova-Bursa-Banda watch line, but it takes much longer.

Dardanelles around Marmara is a strategic region for all civilizations founded, because just like Istanbul was established many forts throughout history to each side. Çanakkale “Kilitbahir located opposite the castle built during the reign of Sultan is. Town gives its name to Dish Castle was the location of the city right now.

Çanakkale “The history of the two great point Iliad in” by Homer described the Trojan War with the Çanakkale Wars “is. Gallipoli Peninsula along the Turkish soldiers and foreign troops erected in memory of the many monuments vardır.zaf the monument, Australia (Anzac), British and New Zealand martyrdom of them are some.

Canakkale is located within the boundaries of Troy “is the history of the ayrıdır.m.ö in itself. Troy, which was established in 3000 can be read detailed information about Troy.

Things to Do
Çanakkale has a rich history as well as the rich nature … 12 km from the city center. away from the sea coast Güzelyali with no wind windsurf girilebiliyor.ayrı incomplete unless it is a very trendy place … Güzelyalı’da from Çanakkale full access consistently available ..

Small village on the Gallipoli Peninsula Anzac way to cross the Gulf of Saros now been converted into fish farms in Laguna yourself if you suffer from Lake flamingos, wild ducks, geese and swans, where you will find a paradise.

Saros haunt of diving enthusiasts … Gallipoli lined up next to the fishing pier pubs everywhere with every aspect … Çanakkale, a unique opportunity for those who love to ride … And of course the city of Troy! 30 km from the city center. Situated near the village of İntepe Tevfikiye parish in Hisarlık stop by the famous Trojan horse that Troy leave town without seeing it!

Canakkale filled with a rich history museum traces … Fossil specimens of the environment in Canakkale Archaeological Museum, dating from the Bronze Age finds and Çanakkale ceramics can see … Salim Merry War Memorial Museum, Ataturk house Çamyayla, Ayvacık-Adatepe Mehmet Aga Mansion House Museum, Bayramic Hadımoğul sight-seeing place to be at the mansion …

Outdoor Sports
Saros world famous haunt of diving enthusiasts, hide in the depths of people are fascinated with the landscape. From big cities to Saros weekends are organized periodically diving organizations. These organizations open to anyone who has a diver badge …. The main two conditions to make Diving, have completed 13 years of age and be healthy. The ideal season from November to April …

Gallipoli, Eceabat, Lapseki Ezine

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: 1/6 February: 3/9 March: 6/13
April: 9/19 May: 12/23 June: 17/27
July: 20/30 August: 21/32 September: 17/25
October: 14/20 November: 7/14 Range: 7/12
Kestanbol Thermal Tourism Center

»Location: Çanakkale Ezine district in the province is.
»Transportation: 15 km to the Ezine district. 2 km from the Marmara Sea. away.
»Water temperature: 67 ° C Reading, 47 ° C Second Source, 68 ° C slurry of water, 31 ° C bath source, 21 ° C Eye Water Source
»PH Value: 5.92 Main Source, Second Source 6.16, 5.86 Sludge Water, 6.92 Bath Supply, 6.94 Eye Water Supply
»Features: Hypothermal, hypertonic, radioactive, Main Source, Second Source, Sludge Water, Hypothermal, hypertonic, Bath Supply, Hypothermal, hypotonic, Eye Water Resources, chloride, sodium, iron, Main Source, Second Source, Bath Supply, Chloride, sodium, iron, carbon, sludge water, chloride, sodium, calcium, Eye Water Source
»Applications: Bathroom, Mud bath, inhalation, spray cures
»Treatment Diaesses: inflammatory gynecological diseases, rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis, bone tuberculosis in some young children, the lymph gland swelling, upper airways spazmodik astmatiform syndrome and fallout (serosol) style and antibiotics, making the upper airways and lung disease are effective.
»Accommodation: 100 beds accommodation is available.


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  2. Was sollte getan werden, um Ihren Urlaub in der Türkei zu gestalten? Ich bin auf Ihre Website gekommen und erhalte viele Informationen, wenn ich Sie frage.

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