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Yozgat E 88 on the highway there, and especially Capodaccia Hattusas is close by and connects with Hattusas Atatürk because of the way through the center of the province is a place frequented by foreigners. Bozok plateau called and since the early ages settlement, the Yozgat, unspoiled nature, warm hospitable people, its natural beauty, recreation areas, high plains, historical, cultural, tourist and spas relics to be our most beautiful cities is one. Turkey’s first National Park, National Park, one of the pines, Ahmed Forests, Sebekpinari Park Grounds, the Kazankaya Valley, and Gelingüllü places like dams sports, recreation and picnic areas.

Yozgat Province in the Central Anatolia region is dominated by the semi-arid continental climate. Be closed to marine influence, because the summers are hot and dry, winters are cold and rainy. Summer and winter, the temperature difference between day and night are high. Harsh climatic conditions, Yeşilırmak in the valley basin within the tow is a bit soft, slightly increased the Black Sea shows the effects of the climate. In the province, according to the months and seasons of rainfall distribution is uneven. Winter and spring rainy seasons and in winter, snowfall is observed in general. First snow falls in early November and continues until the first week of May. Annually, an average of 34 days it snows. Winter under the snow, which is another nice font with the forest intimately Yozgat worth every season.

City’s road and rail transportation is available. The nearest airport is 220 km away from Ankara and Kayseri airports. The province has connections by road to other provinces. Located in the city center terminal transportation, are provided by local minibus. Ankara-Kayseri and Yozgat the rail connection to the Eastern Anatolia region is going through. Yerkoy, Şefaatli and New Fakılı County is located in the train station. Train Station stations in the district centers.

One of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. In Yozgat, respectively M.Ö.1650-1460 Old Hittite Kingdom period, BC Hittite Empire period 1460-1170 BC 1170-676 Phrygian Period, M.Ö.676-600 Kimmers Period, BC Lydian period 600-546 BC 546-334 Cimmerian period, 334 BC-285 and Diadog era of Alexander, BC Galatians period 285-85 BC 85-M.S. 395 Roman Empire period, A.D. 395-1075 Byzantine period, A.D. Anatolian Seljuk period 1075-1318, A.D. Principalities period 1318-1398, A.D. 1408-1923 there was a period of Ottoman Empire.

Things to Do
Bozoklar of Yozgat regions where the soil is called Plateau. Remaining in the Red River spring springs, wild rivers and water Corum involved in the rolling hills form the valley split up. Akdag These springs are based on the east, northeast of the mountain Deveciler advancing westward across the plains handles disappear. Bozok plateau elevation of 1200-1400 m. include. Hisarbeyli (Yogurt Dormitory) Plateau in the woods is Ahmed. Hasbek-Hisarbeyli-way passes through Akdagmadeni. A large stream flows between two hills. One side of the hill with pine trees the other side is covered with little vegetation. Hasbek and springs that come in the summer months is Hisarbeyli. Cold water resources is too much. On weekends, the people of Kayseri and the environment is a picnic area. Yogurt is famous for. Summerhouse national park in Central Anatolia, lies to the south of Yozgat National Park situated on the hills, 5 km to Yozgat. away. National Park you can picnic in the day. Tents and caravans can be made.

Wining and Dining
Wheat largely local nutrition products, flour based foods. Bulgur, cracked wheat, and almost every kind of düğürcük used in soups and stews. The most important food, car, Knotgrass, the test is Tandır Kebab Kebab and Yozgat.

Outdoor Sports
Yozgat is quite favorable to extreme sports. Kazankaya mountaineering in the valley, Gelingüllü dam for water skiing, camping in the national park can be summerhouse.

1 Maternity Hospital across the province and serves 10 States. In addition, 99 234 Village Health Clinic is available. The area is rich in spas. Thermal bald, turtlenecks District, is near the village of Bahariya. There is a bath and pool. Waters bicarbonate, chloride and carbon dioxide is. Opens with bathing vessels, which is good for gastrointestinal disorders. It is pleasant to me. Liver, pancreas diseases is recommended. Karadik Thermal Transmission
Akdagmadeni County, Karadik man is in the village. There is a bath and pool. Made of sodium sulphate waters.
If you do drink the laxative effect. Liver, biliary tract and intestinal disorders and rheumatic diseases gives very good results in the mud bath. The water temperature is 41 ° C. Thermal run-down district, 5 km from the query. away. Yesilova also known as hot springs. 35 km from the city center. away. The surroundings are wooded. There is a very old bath. Two large pools, cabins, private bathrooms are available. Water temperature 45 ° C respectively.

Corum, Tokat, Department of Cardiology, Sivas.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: -7 / 0 February: -4 / 5 March: 1/11
April: 5/16 May: 8/19 June: 12/26
July: 13/26 August: 17/32 September: 9/22
October: 7/17 November: -1 / 9 Range: -2/7
Special Days
Should take between 6 to 8 June Festival is celebrated in the center of Yozgat. Bozhüyük Highland Folk Dance Festival on June 26, shows, demonstrations Semah People’s Concerts, Local Food is celebrated with Rice. Kazankaya Canyon Festival is celebrated on June 27 to 29 Aydıncık Yozgat.

Sarikaya Thermal Tourism Center

»Location: Sarikaya center of town.
»Water temperature: 44 degrees – 47 degrees
»PH Value: 6.4 6.8
»Features: Chlorine, Bicarbonate, Sodium, ferrous, Calcium has a radioactive compound.
»Diaesses Treatment: Rheumatism, skin, respiratory tract, female, nerve and muscle fatigue, nervous disorders, joint and arthritis, post-operative discomfort makes such a positive impact on disease.
»Accommodation: 1-star and 2-star 164-bed hotel with a capacity of 1960 beds are available.


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