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Ankara Escort


General Information
“Hattushash inscribed reliefs and living history ..”

Corum, historical and cultural aspects of today has a history dating back to before 7000. Black Sea region, which is the gateway to Central Anatolia Corum Province, the Anatolian cultural mosaic has a unique position in. Hittite civilization, as well as every one a masterpiece of art belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman mosques, bridges and castles decorated with Corum, such as springs and natural beauty with İncesu Canyon is a place well worth a visit. Famous roasted chickpeas, Osmancık and Kargin quality rice produced in the world is recognized.

Corum Although continental climate of Central Anatolia, the Black Sea in the softening effect shows the effect to some extent. Man and the hot and dry weather in the summer months during the winter months is to leave the place to the severe cold. The best seasons to visit are spring and summer.

Istanbul – 614 km from Çorum. dr. Ankara – 244 km from Çorum. dr. A transit center, Corum, Eastern Black Sea and is a gateway to the West region. City transport is by road. Corum Eastern Black Sea provinces of Ankara link is the only link that leads to Ankara. However, this single-lane road is quite neglected.

Old and deep-rooted culture having the structure has been the cradle of many civilizations Corum. Join in the province dating back to the Paleolithic period, BC 4000’l from the year in a row is seen to be resettled. Corum, many open-air museum that stores the remains of civilization is the case. Continuing its tradition of indigenous art and culture of Anatolia, the city’s most important tourist center is boğazköy who had made the capital of the Hittites. Culture and Tourism of the province’s focal point in the direction Bogazköy and other Hittite city ruins and historic buildings are factors which support tourism.

Things to Do
Alacahöyük, 45 km from Çorum. south of the town of Pied 17 km. is located northwest of Bogazköy 34, 210 km from Ankara. Alacahöyük is in a residential area away from the village. Mound for the first time to the world of science in 1835 WC Has been introduced by Hamilton, starting from this year the mound Central Anatolia has been a haunt of visiting scholars.
Bogazköy (Hattusa), the 82 km of Çorum. is located southwest of Ankara, the distance is 208 km. Located in the center of the old core of the Hittite state Bogazköy (Hattusa) River valley at the southern tip of the Budaközü stream, 300 m from the plain. and mountain slopes at an altitude of countless rock mass surrounded by dividing the north and west slopes are limited to the deep. Open towards the north and the northern part of the city apart from other portions are surrounded by walls.

Wining and Dining
Chickpeas Corum is famous for its local cuisine is rich. City’s original dishes of fermented (Hair Mayans, Pans Mayans), the combustible, Cızlak, Kömbe, Oğmaç, Hıngal, Poppyseed Cakes, Borhani (Dough, Egg, mushrooms) Helix to, Çullama, Knotgrass, tirit, İskilip Stuffing, Keskek, Black Sack Halva, Hedik, TelTel, Hasan include Baklava.

Çorum beginning of what can be taken from the city’s symbols, which are from Corum chickpeas and copper gifts. In Iskilip cutlery, Pied Big Camila rugs in the village, in the town of Ortaköy district Karahacip rugs, saddlebags, booties, socks and hand-knitting is possible to find products. Also in rice produced in Kargin, different flavors to be tasted to do with one of the recommended products.

Outdoor Sports
With a special tour organized day trips within the city able to attend. Going to one of the many spas in the city, as well as the history of pleasure at the intersection of the natural cleansing of water can taste. Kuşçaçim NEW Plateau in summer camp can be made. Those who love photography, I suggest them apart from their machines as well.

Beke spas (Figani) Mecitozu district, Figani village. Mecitözü 16 km., Corum 48 km. away. Hittites and the Romans, Seljuks, Ottomans was operated during periods. Bicarbonate, sodium is from the waters. Stomach, intestine, kidney disorders and effective cures for heart disease. Water temperature 35 ° C respectively.

Amasya, Çankırı, Kastamonu, Yozgat.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: -7/1 February: -5 / 4 March: 1/13
April: 4/19 May: 7/22 June: 11/28
July: 11/29 August: 14/34 September: 9/25
October: 7/19 November: 0/10 Range: -2/8
Special Days
International Hittite Fair and Festival in the center of Çorum
Since 1981 is celebrated for a period of 8 days. Leftover Culture and Publicity Festival, on July 15 for a period of one week, Cabbage Festival Sungurlu – Demirşeyh in the town for 1 day is celebrated in September. Traditional Sungurlu Sungurlu the Festival, September 28 to 29
It is celebrated for a period of between two days.

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