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General Information
“Amazon princess Smyrna”

In the fertile soil of the Gediz River reaches the sea, there is a city that can not be shared for centuries: Izmir. 11,973 km2 area and the third largest city in Turkey with a population of 3 million is. On the Aegean coast, many filled with beauty, a huge settlement. Smyrna has received from the Amazon Princess. Ancient legends since been the subject of many important politicians, scientists, thinkers and artists have produced. Today, in view of modern culture and art center, give yourself the wealth of nature by cultivating their obligations of being a developed city brings.

Founded on a wide plain Izmir, shows all the characteristics of a temperate Mediterranean climate. The annual average temperature of 17.60 ° C sea water is. Summer is quite a long time. Rains in the winter, but the temperature does not decrease very large. No matter how dry the summer, you can cool off on a balmy wind in coastal areas. Muggy and scorching weather of the Mediterranean coast, located in Izmir are uncommon. Izmir visited the four seasons of the year. Congress tourism, cultural tourism is a city in terms of improved. Most of the people living in Izmir Gumuldur, Cesme and Kusadasi has taken the cottage. Since the spring, is a popular weekend escape to the cottage. Therefore, the city will become less crowded weekends.

Izmir is very easy to reach from every angle. Road, deinzyol, airline and rail can just use. Especially in the evening bus from Istanbul to Izmir’s not difficult to find. 560-kilometer Istanbul-Izmir road usually takes 8 hours. You have the option of two separate ways. If you come with your own car, you can pass the Sea of ​​Marmara ferry. In the meantime, if you bring into the morning hours, and queues formed in equivalent rounds, you can make a short sea glory. Kula, Usak, Afyon direction when going from roughly 580 kilometers from Ankara-Izmir. Izmir reached quite well-maintained highways. Road transport or public holidays during the summer months is difficult in part because of the traffic is worth mentioning. Now that all the major bus companies do İzmir, a revamped bus station gives comfort to the visitors. Additional terminals, Üçyol, Tashkent, three wells, in places like Alsancak’s.

Izmir transport by sea is a joy in the spring and summer … Mediterranean and the southern Aegean coast, starting in blue at the end of the trip you can have Izmir Alsancak Port. A week from Istanbul to Izmir’s ferry services. Together with the first light of morning your breakfast on the deck of the steamer, while the Dardanelles awakened to a new day, what with all the beauty of nature itself will be fascinated watching the sun drop.

Those who love the train ride, which begins in Izmir Izmir Basmane Station also will enjoy holidays. Dumlupınar from Ankara to Izmir and Izmir Blue Train Blue Train is leaving. Your night is a journey. In the evening hours is riding in the morning, you wake up in Izmir. Istanbul, Eskişehir, Isparta provinces such as İzmir, doing multiple trains.

If you want to reach the airline to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport every day, choose one of the regular flights agree to fully. Antalya, Istanbul, Diyarbakir, Ankara, İzmir, like so many in our city there are regular services. To arrive from the airport to the city center, taking the ball to the ball half the time.

Region Local Transportation
In İzmir urban transport is more developed compared to other big cities. In the city where public transportation is common major traffic problems. Through highways around Izmir, about an hour to reach to the farthest point possible.

The pillars of urban transportation in İzmir municipal buses and the metro are. Metro is almost 4 times in Istanbul. Balçova’daki from the University to deliver you to many places. A municipal bus once too often does. Buses will run until 2 nights. There are student discounts, but other provinces of bus passes now students can not, naturally. Four of Izmir, has five main lines: Balçova, Konak, Bornova, Alsancak, Üçyol, University Bornova. It is easy to transport between the lines. Work vans. I would call it a day earlier than minibuses bus. Minivan concept, built in Istanbul and is not so common. In the evening traffic in the city part of Istanbul, never experienced, but it’s nothing compared to traffic. So, Inhabit “Traffic was very congested” when they say, at 18:00 Bosphorus Bridge, never to bring to your mind state … With the efforts of the Municipality in Izmir traffic, has been transformed into a major problem.

Also in Izmir ferry commuting easier. Tashkent, Alsancak, Izmir Passport pier with the ferry can expedite your tour. Bostanlı car ferry between Üçkuyu are made.

Izmir, Smyrna first name taken from an Amazon Queen. Izmir, BC It is believed that founded around the year 3000. Tantalus was the founder of the kingdom of Izmir Erektid that there are a variety of information. Erektid one of the king, the Amazon princess marrying into the city, his wife’s name is given. Flag vicinity, is the first settlement.

BC In 2000, the Hittite civilization located on the city’s busiest trade routes, respectively, Phrygian, Ion, Lydia and Persia came under the sovereignty of civilization. Ion period, both economically as well as culturally developed. Of Western civilization, which is the first monumental epics Iliad, Homer in Izmir (M: SS :750-700) was created by. BC Hellenistic Period in the 4th century begins. Macedonian King Alexander the Great comes to Izmir. Commanders, after his death of the testator, the city is restored. Then, with various natural disaster damaged Izmir, came under the rule of the Kingdom of Pergamon. BC Passes into the hands of the Roman Empire in 133. During the Roman Empire, has gained great interest due to its climate and location, will be rebuilt. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine within the boundaries of Izmir, is a return to the center of the state. During Byzantine rule, bears witness to many battles Izmir … Huns, Arabs invaded the city, Seljuk reach Izmir in 1081. However, during the Crusades from the city again passed into the hands of the Byzantines.

Weakened Byzantine rule, the rulers of the conquered Turkish Izmir, 15 Aydınoğlul century to remain in the management of the principality. Passed into the hands of the Ottomans in the period, gains more importance as a commercial center. Westerners also acclaimed turns into a residential center. With the Greek population will look cosmopolitan. Western investors gain influence in the region. Republic of Turkey in the period acquired a special place as one of the three largest cities Izmir, job opportunities and employment, as well as with power, by the development in the fields of education, culture and art is also unique.

Things to Do
In the south of Kusadasi, Madre mountains in the north, west, Cesme, Izmir east surrounded by Aydin; bay with the sailors, fishermen, tourists are welcomed. Rich vegetation, lakes, rivers, sea coexistence region throughout history has made it indispensable.

There are many places to go within the city. Cinemas, theaters overflowing … If Rastgeldi Izmir State Opera and Ballet can watch the spectacular performance. To recreational facilities in woodland in spring can undergo, you can eat lunch in the natural beauty, you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings. For example, an ideal address for those looking for such an environment Karagöl … Facilities are quite good …

You can camp on the way to Kusadasi Claros. A separate beach is beautiful. Teos-Ekmeksiz can go to the günübirlig. Both can have a picnic, as well as you can sunbathe. Cute Sığacık full access to the port is a pleasure boat. Pond and camping facilities in places like Kargacık there, as well as nature walks are conducted.

A separate popular local counted Çeşme, Karaburun, Gumuldur, Kusadasi, Foca places like beaches in demand … In the summer in the world visitors from around attracting the attention of these places, many recreational opportunities available.

Izmir’s historical treasures from museums should also propose a few places for those who want to see;
Ikicesmelik the Agora Open Air Museum brings memories of Roman and Hellenistic periods. Archaeological Museum at the mansion, among the most important museums in Turkey. Again, the Ethnographic Museum is located in Konak, Izmir Museum of Sculpture and Painting ideal address for those interested in cultural tourism …

By renting a boat from Izmir, Aegean coast you can visit. Anna firms such as Sinbad, this issue offers some alternatives. So you can explore the small bays of the Aegean, indented, protruding a little-known beaches on the coasts may have.

Izmir’s spas, the famous healing waters. Balçova, flourishing, Pergamum, menemen, Tire, Seferhisar, Çeşme and Urla in places like spas and health resorts important in terms of health tourism centers. If Ilıcaları Gülbahçe to fall your way, not without historical hamam in.

In the mansion, there are many shopping centers around the Clock Tower, also in arcades while browsing may feel yourself as a part of the city. In June the International Izmir Festival, Izmir European Jazz Festival in March are the activities that animate the city.

Specific to each district of Izmir itself has a beauty … If we were to count this county:
Aliaga, Balçova, flourishing, Pergamum, Beydag, Bornova, Buca, Cesme, Çiğli, Standing, Foca, Botanica, Güzelbahçe,
Karaburun, Tashkent, Gulab, quinine, Cherry, Mansion, Menderes, menemen, Narlıdere, narcissus, Seferihisar, Selçuk, Tire Bag, Urla.

Wining and Dining
Budget for dinner in Izmir need to make a choice. Tourism certificate in Alsancak, stylish restaurants in demand. Whether Mediterranean food, or fast food … You can find every kind of food from the region. Even served as fast food to seafood can come across. China Town Chinese dishes are not saturated. Chefs from the Far East offers excellent flavor. Grand Hotel Mercure’s Cafe Stage ideal to meet friends and chat.

Also very advanced in Alsancak cafe culture. Each segment has to do a proper address. Very popular seafood restaurants on the promenade. Assorted appetizers are served here, the intricacies of Aegean cuisine are on display. Join a privilege to eat around the elevator.

If you want to cook for yourself, you should go to get the fish throttle. Fresh fish is available here in all seasons. So you can shop at the mansion while.

In Izmir street culture has developed in a nice way. Inhabit bagel “crisp” he says. Also on the street “dove” sold. Doves are a type of sandwich. Sandwich bread in the cheese, raw tomatoes and peppers are placed.

Kemeraltı in the mansion in the nature of the shopping center of Izmir. Clothing and dress out, souvenirs, food, able to provide a lot of options here. Archway, the event showcases the Aegean Region, especially in the textile field. Many of the major textile factory sales dealer of the brand, complete with large and small apparel stores as a textile fair. There is no lacking of human traffic, which is incredibly crowded, especially at weekends arcades, the weekdays would recommend you to visit.

Izmir Alsancak and Kordon’s nightlife comes alive. Izmir’s exclusive bars can have fun in the heart desires. There are many places with live music in Alsancak. Pubs, discos, as well as pubs, fireside also in demand. New pop singers, young musicians are going to perform at Alsancak bars, most of them living around here is the first stage experience. Rock bar and not much of an alternative venue. More Etiler, Ortaköy style entertainment centers in weight. Prices are also up slightly in Istanbul and Ankara. Soler & Violinist, places like Outside welcomes young people. Lift the famous Genoese pub appetizers. Nightlife in Izmir Izmir Fuarı’yl more excitement, casinos in the program is going to come from neighboring provinces. Entertainment understanding during this period of the old casino culture is shifting.

Outdoor Sports
Alsancak, Balçova, Karşıyaka have all kinds of sports complex. Hold the indoor Olympic pool, the carpet on the field, a basketball court until it reaches … Common diving clubs in Izmir, Kusadasi and Bodrum, these clubs are organizing tours. Water sports are in demand. In the surrounding districts, swimming, beach volleyball, golf, common sports such as snorkelling. University of clubs brings together young people interested in extreme sports. Nature tours, trekking, mountaineering activities, such as common around here … Built people interested in fishing and hunting. The offers can go fishing in Tuzla, the company’s beachfront restaurant you can treat yourself to the wonderful. The cleanest sea in Izmir is also here.

Campground Tanay, Gumuldur, Cases, Teos, Clarus and in Kargacık intensifies. These areas can enjoy the offroad routes, magnificent architecture and natural beauty of the Aegean village can know.

Never a shortage of health care services in Izmir pull out of the question. In Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city, and state organizations, as well as private organizations offer a full-fledged health services. A total of ten five general hospitals located in the city where there is a hospital for children’s diseases. IVF centers in Izmir, until it reaches aesthetic surgery centers have many health center. In an emergency, the state-owned ambulances, ambulance services as well as special offers.


Foca, Cesme, Selcuk Aydin, Manisa.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: 4/10 February: 6/13 March: 8/17
April: 13/22 May: 15/26 June: 20/30
July: 23/32 August: 23/34 September: 19/28
October: 15/24 November: 9/17 Range: 8/14
Holidays with Children
İzmir offers many possibilities for children. Because it is a large city and special baby care services, as well as the nursery there. Your child will be entrusted with peace of mind in his busy you will surely find a place. Fazlalaşıy expo will also be entertainment for children. I usually do every neighborhood has a playground and a modern children’s playground. In a small beach, promenade in place able to happy. Çiğli Bird Sanctuary One of the places where you can spend a pleasant time for the whole family.

Balçova Thermal Tourism Center (Agamemnon Thermal Plants)

»Location: Balçova’daki is in the west and the historic settlement of Agamemnon.
»Transportation: Thermal Centre, 25 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport., 8 km from the city center. is located. In addition, 18 km from the nearest beach. away.
»Water temperature: Source and well water temperature varies between 45 ° C and 140 ° C.
»PH Value: 6.4
»Features: Chlorine (24.6% milival), bicarbonate (54.7% milival), Sodium (72.3% milival), Calcium (72.3% milival), Calcium (milival 21.99%) and also thermal water 112.46 mg / l. carbon dioxide, 4.52 mg / l. contains fluoride. By physical classification; hyperthermal (62 ° C), hypotonic (30.68 millimoles / l.) Is thermal water.
»Treatment Diaesses: Rheumatic diseases, digestive system, eye diseases, metabolic disorders, liver and gallbladder disease, circulatory and heart diseases, nervous system diseases.
»Accommodation: Balçova Agamemnon Thermal Springs Facility; Three Star (215 rooms, 435 beds) Thermal Princess Hotel, a five star (278 rooms, 630 beds)

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  3. Я спрашиваю, почему я приехал в Турцию до сих пор. Приду при первой же возможности.

  4. Я разделяю благодарность за то, что вы предоставили столько информации о Турции.

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  6. Я спрашиваю, почему я приехал в Турцию до сих пор. Приду при первой же возможности.

  7. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.

  8. Я разделяю благодарность за то, что вы предоставили столько информации о Турции.


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