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General Information
” The world famous Iztuzu beach , beaches and channels will fascinate you with ”

Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs on the beach which is one of the important breeding areas susceptible await visitors .
Dalyan sunny 300 days of the year … Turzim season begins in April and lasts until the end of the year .
If you prefer to go by road to Dalyan -Mugla highway are watching Izmir . Sakar Pass, Fethiye are turning to the side , over Ortaca can arrive at . Caretta caretta from the center of Dalyan Iztuzu beach in front of the post office vans depart. Possible to reach by boat from Dalyan Iztuzu shield … Dalyan Dalaman Airport by plane … the transportation is convenient , just 27 miles away Dalyan …
Located near the ancient city of Caunos at Dalyan Boat Jumble visitors passages and wide sandy beach dotted with giant cane , muddy waters poured carries the Dalyan river . Near Dalyan , is seen on the hills carved rock tombs . BC Roman period, these tombs being re-used 4 century belongs to . Kaunos ” TA has experienced several successive cultures . Persians ” in all of Anatolia ” yu with invasions , the city Mausolus ” s management has entered the order of the Kingdom of Rhodes , Pergamum and remained under Roman rule . Among the ruins of the Roman Baths surrounding the city , city wall belonging to the Persians , a Carian castle, a Greek theater and a Byzantine basilica are . Commercially important city, which is a port city , once the sea port of lost property at the expiration of the alluvium . Owed to the richness of the city of Caunos fishing industry . To be supplied fresh water fish floating up from the canal and were easily caught in return . Today, extended across the board on the river units are used for the same purpose .
Things to Do
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Dalyan Iztuzu beach is world famous , ancient city of Caunos , Lycian rock tombs , hot springs , mud baths and fish farms .. Dalyan ” Of course the first thing you should do … see Iztuzu beach Iztuzu , Mediterranean” and generations of living in an increasingly depleted Caretta Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs are one of the major breeding area … Dalyan and the surrounding area has been declared a specially protected area for this reason . İztuzu of ” two beach. Strait at the beach amidst rushes 40 minutes , an incredibly pleasant boat ride you will arrive . If you’d like beaches on one side of the lake , sweet and deep waters , if you wish, on the other side in salt water as you swim you have a chance . Beaches east of the beach on is reached by road . should see other place in ancient city of Caunos … Dalyan town center, on the opposite side , the city is located in the acropolis (high city) , 5 thousand seat theater , four temples , an agora ( market place ) , a Roman bath , the Christian era bulunuyor.kaunos the churches and the famous rock tombs of the ancient city of domestic and foreign tourists , especially in the limelight …

Dalyan ” by boat from Lake Koycegiz ” what’s the right one mile up the road to take the mud bath what do you think? In recent years, İztuzu and Caunos ” tan, then the most coveted locations in the plant mud and spa , as well as eating and drinking venues , changing rooms and showers are also available. Mud baths for rheumatism, sciatica , bad hip as well as some diseases are treated is said to come . Finally Dalyan put your holiday Ekin and Bacardi and sultanas Spas ” we recommend that you include the !
Outdoor Sports
From Dalyan to the ancient city of Caunos , Iztuzu beach and boat trips are organized into mud baths . Boats depart from the pier in Dalyan . Moreover Fethiye -Ölüdeniz – Kayakoy tours are also available. Another thing that can be done , take a stroll around Lake Koycegiz … Koycegiz Networks is one of the highland village countryside restaurants in the village square to try out ! Dalyan, ideal for windsurfing enthusiasts … Also present in the environment and Dalyan Iztuzu Ekin may also be interested in trekking trails .
Koycegiz, Fethiye, Marmaris

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