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Ankara Escort

Datça Map

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General Information
“Lace bays, honey, almond, olive … ”

Datca, founded at the confluence of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea , sand, sun , nature and unique beauty of our town. Pine forests, with the natural beauty of Turkey Datca lowest rate of moisture and oxygen, which is the busiest tourist center . Datca is very close to Bodrum and Marmaris . But luckily there is not possible to come across where the concretion . Datca past to present, in a town able to preserve the natural and pristine . ” And God wants His servants to possible long-lived leaves the Datça Peninsula in the famous historian Strabo . Indeed in Datça sand, sun , nature and health you will find . If you fall your way south of heaven do not pass through without Datca …
Datca shows a typical Mediterranean climate . Summers are hot and dry and the winters are rainy and warm . Temperature differences between summer and winter months is quite low. A large part of the year the sun can come in Datça . Weather is usually soft . Humidity will be close to zero is quite useful to human health . Oxygen is the most abundant of these settlements , especially people suffering from asthma and shortness of breath can visit in any season . Datca in the spring is wrapped in a unique beauty . Is fascinated by the beautiful nature . Datca other tourism centers in the summer than in the south is cool and breezy . Datca cool winds blowing from the north to the warm weather is cool .
Datça road, impossible to reach by air and sea . Road to Istanbul, Ankara , Izmir and Mugla Datca with all main bus companies are available . Datca is sıklaştırılıy bus service during the summer months . Datca – 960 km from Istanbul , Datca – Datca between Ankara and 840 – 360 km from Izmir . Quite easy to reach from Bodrum and Marmaris to Datca . Minibus being lifted from Marmaris to Datca . Can be accessed by boat from Bodrum also . Between the months of May and October hydrofoil and ferry from Bodrum to Datça are organized . If you ‘re thinking of going to Datca with your private car bends Marmaris – Datca way to be prepared against . If you wish to come with Datça airlines fly to Bodrum or Dalaman can be accessed from there by land or by air to Datça . Scheduled daily flights from Istanbul to Dalaman . Indirect flights are arranged as if from Ankara .
Region Local Transportation
In Datca transportation is provided in a very comfortable way . Waist to where you want minibuses running within reach. Our advice to places around Datca transport boats do not prefer. Thus, both the Datça can see the unique bay boat can glory . From Marmaris to Datca handle filled in at frequent intervals . If you intend to have fun , especially at night in Marmaris minibus can take advantage of this . Car rental facilities in Datça not much. In fact, you do not need to rent a car . By doing plenty of walking in the fresh air can explore the resort .
Datca “s history before Christ era goes back to . Datca ” the first Karya ” LI later in the Dora under the rule are known to have . Region Antiquity ” the Carian name that Snow Snow tribes come from. While under the rule of the Datca peninsula Dora is fairly advanced. Herodotus, ” according to the city’s founders Dorians . Dorians , Hexapolis Union under the six cities have established . These cities and one of the association’s center Knidos Datca peninsula has been established. During this period , the maritime trade is very advanced and Datca an important trading port has become .

Datca ” n ‘s history is still being investigated . Datca an important trade center , next to the ruins of the church of light in the direction of a religious center that is also estimated . Datca living in” public fishing as well as agriculture also been involved . Olive cultivation is very advanced. In addition, the people here have produced wines . Through advanced maritime trade also have managed to export their production . Datça peninsula , which is quite efficient in ancient times was invaded by the Lydians and Persians . Later, Alexander the Great ” of the Romans , the Byzantine Empire ” of the Seljuks “and the Ottoman Empire ” came under the sovereignty .
Things to Do
You can walk to anywhere in the Datca peninsula . Datca anywhere in the sea , history and nature, able to reach . Sandy beach , stony beach and Medicinal Hospital Six Beach and Lake can be accessed without the need for any tools and are places where you can enjoy the sea . 4 km from the center of Datca . Kargi Bay can swim away in the night, you can watch the moonlight on the beach . Young fire burning on the beach , singing is fun until late at night in this bay . You can join them . Palamutbuku , Hayıtbükü , and Ovabuku is in the clear sea and calmness , swimming , you listen to your head , is perfect for relaxation .

Old Datça and Reşadiye We recommend you to visit . Here you can see the old stone houses . Hızırşah dating from the Seljuk mosque in the village , the girl who can see the windmills in the village . 35 km away from Datca Knidos , the resort’s most important historic attractions . Here to Dora , Persian and archaic monuments have survived from antiquity can find . One of the oldest port in Datça Knidos would like to remind that it is .
Wining and Dining
Eating and drinking compared to other tourist resort in Datca can say is cheaper . Datca almond almonds and put into a special dessert made ​​are very famous. When you drop the attempt to cross the road to Datca . Datça Harbour Pier Street and a lot of restaurants, cafes and kiosks are small you can fill your stomach . Datca restaurants the prices are quite reasonable in general , but especially a better quality of food in the restaurants in the harbor and the prices are a little higher than we would like to remind you . In the meantime, go to Datca, be sure to visit villages and resorts donuts when you try . You can also taste .
In Datça, Marmaris and Bodrum have the option of shopping in less than . Here you can come across a lot of hawkers and Turgut Ozal also in Pier Street will have the opportunity to shop in the square . Here in the shopping centers , especially almonds, olive oil and region-specific nutrients such as handcrafted goods, you can find classic patterned rugs and carpets . As mentioned earlier, from street vendors minor charms, silver and souvenirs you can buy . Souvenir peddlers of the most coveted statuette of Aphrodite . You also do not forget to close your Statuette of Aphrodite .
Datca is generally calm, quiet residential location . But in case you lost this feature compared to previous years . Datca and around the many bars , discos and have lot of fun . Also some live music in restaurants , people who come to eat at this restaurant you can enjoy live music in . Lance on the way to New Castle Disco, by Datca’s most popular entertainment venue , especially in the harbor can also come in a lot of bars and discos . Here are the entertainment and music continue until the morning . The most popular bars in the harbor , Eclipse Bar . In general, for the entertainment of the Datca Marmaris would like to remind that now .
Outdoor Sports
Datca with natural beauty, a haven outside sports facilities . Datca agriculture can make all the water sports on the island . Especially for scuba diving optimal placement of units in Turkey . In Datca many diving courses and diving can find shops selling material . Datça is blowing from the north take windsurfing enthusiasts . Datça Datça proper walk in the wind, you can surf plenty of space and amenities include a lot you can do . Datca stroll among the fragrant pine trees , villages , bays, plenty of exploring you can open your breath gasping for oxygen .
Datça your days will positively affect your health . Free of moisture and oxygen-rich air to the health adds to people’s health . Shortness of breath , especially for asthmatics and a unique place in Datca . Apart from this, during the summer months in Datça felt a wind constantly blowing from the north . This gives the wind , especially in the evening coolness . So in the evening you should not forget to take something to me . Otherwise you can chill . Also pay attention to what you drink you eat in Datça . In particular nutrients you get from street vendors can impair your health .
Marmaris, Bodrum
Holidays with Children
Datca with silence and fresh air to relax and to get away from problems unique tourism destination. So Datca, not an ideal holiday location for your children . Here you can visit the historical places with your children and walk in the pine forests and can picnic .

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