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” History in the Shadow of jet … ”

Since then , many civilization, the cradle of culture, one of our provinces of Erzurum … Erzurum , in the foothills of Pasinler , is a folk and fairy-tale land . Anatolia has propelled take on behalf of Dadaş . Sur known by the power of Erzurum Castle , the city ‘s centuries-old grandeur complements accepted . Palandöken Ski Center is hosting the world’s longest ski slopes . Erzurum natural thermal spas and springs, believed in the power of nature’s remedies would guest . Lake and landscape residue Tortum the imaginations of the human forces , particularly in spring view of a master frame is as unique as a film director . Paladoken attracts tourists mostly because of Erzurum , whereas this city who know they will always find out more . There is hidden value waiting to be discovered … Books , guides, he can not explain , difficult to explain the values ​​that the … Twin Minaret Madrasah in the reliefs, carvings, for example … Human labor and creativity of the East with the bright sun and harsh winter by encapsulating information in a manner consistent with the evolving of folk culture are the values ​​that create them . Therefore Erzurum in different seasons , it is a city that can create different sensations . Do not go without seeing !

Erzurum winter sports season begins in November , to the end of April , mid-May, as closes. Palandöken Ski Area , especially in February , sees half year vacation in great demand due to the environment comes a stunning move . Erzurum city center, continental climate is calm during the summer months due to the public’s some more cool mountain springs or skirts, bolsters prefer . Priorities for culture and history , nature wakes up in the spring, April, May the months in the fall, where the climate tamed September and October would they prefer . Nature trips , trekking trips around the lake again in April and September are the best time .

The most important element of Erzurum transport , climate … Continental climate prevails will make the trip to the Eastern Anatolia Region , sometimes even at distances exceeding 400 km aircraft may need to use . Especially in the summer , during periods of drought and scorching heat we encourage you to opt for air transport . In pursuit of Turkish Airlines domestic flights must consider the weather conditions again . Erzurum Airport can be seen on the ice during the winter months .

Ideal for spring and summer access road, air and rail … In the winter , especially if you do not hurry , you can make a comfortable train trowel . Istanbul, Izmir bus from big cities as far away and easy to find , but still do not recommend this way too much . Around 1,300 kilometers from Istanbul to Erzurum … 880 kilometers from Erzurum with Ankara , Izmir and Erzurum 1500 kilometers from …

Sivas – Erzurum in Eastern Anatolia busiest railway lines … Every morning you fly from Istanbul Orient Express , but the long journey to Erzurum will take quite comfortable . Directorate of Erzurum Station (Tel: 0442 218 19 16) will give you detailed information about the return journey .

Erzurum richness of history , the busiest trade routes in history and natural values ​​takes over from there . It is known that a Hittite city . Domination in the region lasted almost all the major Eastern civilizations . The Assyrians, Saka , Persians have established dominance in the region . Macedonian King Alexander the Great conquered the region, one of the famous ruler … The glorious Roman Empire , given the great battles for Erzurum .

After the collapse of the Byzantine Empire who participated in the locality , has attracted the attention of the Sassanids . Byzantine, near Erzurum to present Theodosiopolis founded the city and has been engaged in trade . District Hz . Omar passed into the hands of the Islamic army in time . Kent evolve rapidly with the rise of Islamic civilization , one of the world’s most important centers of culture and commerce has turned into . At that time i have Kaalikal name . Weakened after administration , the Byzantines had seized the city siege . Kent, in time, Seljuks, Saltuklular , Akkoyunlus, Safavids management history and has completely lost stability . 16 century, the armies of Sultan Selim I , the Ottoman region was annexed . Ottomans have become a center of commerce and industry in Erzurum . Both culture and education in the region , as well as enhanced defense industry .

First World War and the War of Independence during the period of the eastern façade is an important part Erzurum , in recent years, a stunning development shows and Turkey’s rarest winter and cultural tourism, one of the center rightful place comes.

Things to Do
The city’s natural beauty does not stop counting . These need to think more along with sports facilities . Paladoken Tortum , Dumlu, Olten regions as ideal for a holiday amongst nature …

At the beginning of the architectural and historical monuments of the city of Erzurum Erzurum Castle and Twin Minaret Madrasah is coming. Considered as a symbol of the city, Twin Minaret Madrasah 13 century made. Let Pau Castle, Three Domes, Shepherd Grandparents Bridge, Grand Mosque, Rustem Pasha Caravanserai, the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and the historic clock tower with the architecture attracts attention. In the city ‘s numerous shrines . This date reflects our belief that the history of the shrine .
Kotarus ( Citharizo ‘s ) history of the city and the church can give you insight into the cultural richness of the region .

Akdag, let Pai , Ilica healing waters of the hot springs , such as gallbladder disease, and especially by those who suffer from rheumatic diseases are preferred. Some of the accommodation facilities of the spa ‘s around . In particular, let Pam Thermal plants can offer.

If you are interested to structures associated with the Republican era , the heroic epics of the articles pass by without seeing Bastion of Azizia . Bastion hero defending his country in Azizia Nene Hatun women can also visit the grave .

Erzurum Congress building, Atatürk’s House and the Republican keeping alive the memories of the places of our history … Erzurum Ethnographic Museum, Ataturk Museum and the Archaeological Museum are also places to lure history buffs …

Wining and Dining
Which is important in terms of cultural and historical riches like every Anatolian city of Erzurum is famous for the kitchen . Erzurum ravioli, water pastry, hamurlu taste is not saturated . Shredded wheat stuffed , coach kebab, kebab tortumcağ of the region’s specialties …

In the center of Erzurum elegant restaurants where you can enjoy local food you can find . Erzurum Houses newly opened one of them … Sultanseki traditional Anatolian cuisine of Nature , offers special dishes of the Ottoman cuisine . A Tortumc Kebab , kebab species unique to the region , those who want to taste the meat should not exceed a restaurant without …

If you want to go with the original gift from Erzurum to Oltu stop by . Oltu trinkets made in your loved ones will appreciate it . The real name of this interesting amber stone , beads, cigarette holder, is widely used in the production of goods such as pendant . Various jewelery, statuettes also attracts the attention of foreign visitors . Those who wish to remember the folklore of the region as zığv can buy from local clothing .

Outdoor Sports
2000 square meters built on a plateau in the world is one of the rare cities in Erzurum will be amongst nature has so many beautiful places . Palandöken Ski Center, residue Lake and surroundings, Khorasan Nursery, Dumlu Ilıcası , Dumlu Mountain Plateau, Olt county and the environment , Paşapınar , Aras River and its surroundings, Pam let Çermig as places of natural beauty with attractive … Winter sports lovers Palandöken , plateau and mountain trekking lovers Dumlu Tortum environment may be preferred.

Kars, Erzurum Sarıkamış Ski Center about two hours away … Much closer to the Palandöken Ski Center : only fifteen minutes away from the city center … Very easy to transport from the airport . Profitable than eight months of the year , the center will appeal to many professionals , but also lessons for beginners and instructors available …

Erzurum peace of mind in terms of medical facilities, a city that you can … Government and private health service gives organizations . Palandöken also taken the necessary precautions in health issues . Of course , you you are, always keep in mind the weather conditions .

Pain , Artvin, Bingol, Mus .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: -17 / 6 February: -13 / 1 March: -5 / 5
April: 0 /13 May : 3/18 June: 6/26
July 11 /27 August : 11/ 30 September : 4/23
October: 1/15 November: -5/7 Range: -10 / 3
Holidays with Children
Erzurum to families who want to travel with the kids quiet and peaceful holiday offers. Facilities for children may not find in the city center . But all the big hotels playgrounds available … Palandöken a small team to taste the pleasure of skiing innovations are being made. Especially in the spring, you can bring your children to cultural trips , their both the beauty of Eastern Anatolia , as well as to recognize the richness of our history can provide.

Let Pam Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Pain in the town center and Erzurum -Tehran matter of international migration path is located on .
» Transportation: Town center.
» Water temperature : 39 degrees to 45 degrees
» PH Value: 6.5
»Features : bicarbonate , chloride, sodium, carbon dioxide, have partly radioactive .
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Diaesses Treatment : Rheumatism, mental and muscular fatigue, nervous disorders, joint and makes a positive impact on diseases such as arthritis .
» Accommodation: Accommodation facilities do not have sufficient comfort .

Ski Resorts

Erzurum Palandöken ski center, 4 km from the city center . away and can be reached by taxi . City bus is working the holidays . Transportation is very convenient . With 2 ski tow ski lifts Dedeman hotel’s facilities include 1 . GSGM ski tow in the sub-station , again with the very first ski chairlift took home two of the Dedeman hotel is situated at the station . Dedeman Hotels 2 ski tow in the Southern and Northern runway length of 3237 meters from the resort ski tow plant capacity is 300 people / hour ski season December-May 15 different continuous 5 km from the runway . There is the possibility of slipping . Snow depth of 60-120 cm. Great Hotels in Erzurum from the city center and from the oral hotel accommodation.

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  6. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.


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