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General Information
” Cradle of different religions .. ”

Hatay , which is the cradle of civilization , at the intersection of Western and Eastern culture , the culture of the society in a region where the exchange is located . Geographical location as an important trade and transit center, Hatay , past and present, people of many religions and faiths live together is a cultural center . Present in Hatay mosques, churches, synagogues is a combination of assets and fulfill their duties .

Located in the province of Hatay on the Mediterranean climate zone , summers are hot and dry, and winters are mild and rainy. Antioch office , Dortyol , Iskenderun, in Samandağ warm and wet winters , summers are hot and rainless. Yayladag compared to coastal areas and inland climate is harsher . Each season you can visit Hatay .

Istanbul, connecting Europe to the Middle East on the highway E- 91 due to his numerous foreign key crossing of the input-output state. A large number of foreigners arriving from crossing the border in the province are accommodated in accommodation facilities . But the facilities are inadequate. Istanbul – 1131 km from Hatay . dr. Ankara – is 682 km from Hatay . dr. If you want to go with your own car from Istanbul will take 15-18 hours to afford a distance . Is located in Hatay Airport .

With a history of about 2300 years BC The history of the first settlement in Antioch Dates back to 8000 . City empire after Alexander’s death, Seleucus established in sharing the commander . Part Later Sassanian, Byzantine, Abbasid Tolunoğulları , Aksit the Hamdanogul , Seljuk , Crusader and Mamluk rule entered into . City of Yavuz Sultan Selim was transferred to Egypt under Ottoman rule during the campaign . Independent Hatay State was founded in 1937 , is connected to the Republic of Hatay Turkey in 1939 .

Things to Do
St . Pierre’s Church at the beginning of the things to come . Antioch Reyhanlı 2 Km on the road to the city is near Mount Habib Najjar . Is a natural cave , was converted into a church . St.Pierre is one of the 12 apostles of Jesus ( Saint Peter ) Antioch, MS Between 29-40 came and tried to spread Christianity . The first religious meeting was held for the first time in this church congregation took the name Christian . Known as the first church of Christianity .

Demirkapı :
Church of St Pierre near the stream flowing from the severe floods last Hacıkürüş to take control of Habib Najjar Haçdağı with Mountain high above the deep and narrow valley that separates and is made ​​of a solid wall . One of the city gates ( Demirkapı ) at the same time acting as a wall this is on the wall . St . Irongate can avoid over Pierre Church .

Habib NECC MOSQUE : Independence Avenue and Gulab mosque, located at the intersection of Avenue Hz. Havarilar the first believers of Jesus who gave his life for this cause and bears the name of a Antakya . 4 feet deep in the northeast corner of the mosque, mausoleum of Habib Najjar has .
Today is the work of Ottoman period . Madrassas around the fountain in the mosque’s courtyard surrounded by rooms 19 century work.

Hatay Archaeological Museum , khans and baths, tombs, monasteries, girls, palace, military affairs , are the places to be seen .

Wining and Dining
How in the world cuisine Turkish cuisine to own a special place , Istanbul Turkish Cuisine in kitchen also has a lot special and important . Most of Hatay kitchen with neighboring provinces not only in terms of food , from Aleppo to Central Anatolia has in common with an expanding region . Especially produced by methods similar to y and bread-type region, the province will create their commonalities . But these similarities are to a certain place . Because of Hatay Hatay Cuisine Food of the material , taken as a general , methods and specified in terms of taste dishes of the region is seen to be substantially different . Even Hatay cuisine is the product of some kind of food with food items made ​​from them can not be found in the neighboring provinces . In addition, number of types of cold appetizers and desserts will be compared with other provinces and how much is unsurpassed in terms of flavor . Kebabs , stews exceeded and held an important place to eat in the kitchen Hatay flavor of spices, bitter and sour appoints . However, the spices used and pain , appetite açıcılık does not exceed the rate never reached the dimensions that will not harm the body .
Some examples are: Oruk , OCCA , Sour cowpea , White Pumpkin Borann , Walnut Pepper ( Muhammara ) , Bean paste , hummus , Sweet Meat Cooking with Cheese and Stone Kadayıf Künefe .

Industrialization and urbanization, together İşlemeciliği based on handloom and handicrafts in Hatay slowly disappeared . Nowadays, small-scale sustainable handicrafts of silk weaving , wood carving , knitting mesh , made ​​using stone processing and bay laurel oil ( station ) is making soap . Altınözü’ne the Paslıka and produced in the village of Antioch Sofun handle and matting works by the tourists attention. Especially wicker trays and plates have become a symbol of Hatay . Of these products must be ensured.

Outdoor Sports
Ask the canoe, swimming in the districts and all water sports, sailing , camping and hiking are among the sports that can be done .
Write locals usually go to spring and summer are staying here until the end .

The region is very rich in thermal springs . Started in Erzurum spas connected to the town of Erzurum , Started village. Waters in a stream , remove it from a lot of rocks . Used as drinking and bath . Water Temperature 22 ° C respectively. Liver, biliary tract, intestinal diseases is very good water coming . There are benefits of smoking in dribs and drabs . Thermal basil ( Bath ) , 20 km from the town of Reyhanli . away , Reyhanli – Kırıkhan is on the way . Antioch 64, Iskenderun 69 km. away. The water of the spa is located in a wooded place , bikaç Taking a bath in the pool accumulates from the ground . The water temperature is 37 ° C . Hot Springs is located in the Syrian border , also from this country happens. The smell of sulfur is heard from afar . By drinking liver, intestine, biliary tract diseases, as well as bathing , rheumatism, gynecological diseases and respiratory diseases gives effective results . There are two baths and accommodations .
Started in Erzurum Erzurum in Mineral – Mineral Started
5 km of the town of Erzurum . Started in a remote village. Boiling stony area . Two separate flows from the tap . Liver , gall bladder, pancreas rahatsızlıkar It comes well to the temperature 14 ° C respectively.

Osmaniye , Adana, Gazinatep , Kilis .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January : 4/11 February: 7/14 March: 9/18
April: 13/22 May: 16/27 June: 21/29
July: 24/31 August: 25/32 September: 22/30
October: 17/26 November: 9/19 Range: 6/16
special Days
Iskenderun in Hatay , Antakya and Dörtyol’da Culture and Tourism Festival is held every year . In addition, District of Hatay on certain days of the liberation is celebrated .
Alexander’s International Tourism and Culture Festival July 1 to 5 .
Antioch Festival July 19 to 23
December 19 Dortyol Orange Festival
Yayladağı Festival ( second week of August Saturday- Sunday )
July 23 independence of Hatay (1939)
January 8 Erzin’de ‘s liberation
January 9 liberation of Dortyol
29 June St.Pierre Day ( for Catholics )
July 5, 1938 entry of Turkish troops in Hatay ( Iskenderun is made Celebrations ceremonies . )

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