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Ankara Escort


General Information
” Pearl of Thrace .. ”

A border town with a Kırklareli antiquity , the Middle Ages , Byzantine, and Ottoman cultures that reflect in the works is in the coastal tourism , culture, caravan, camping and water sports tourism, hunting and nature tourism as many branches ‘re looking for is a center . Kırklareli located in Thrace , especially in recent years in the scientific excavation and research findings obtained from the BC Up to 5800 , very old as human history is seen as an enclave .

BSNL coastal tourism, cultural tourism, camping and caravan tourism, hunting and nature tourism, caves and ideal for trekking turizim branches , is a residential area of ​​unspoiled nature . For this reason, water sports, outdoor sports during the summer season can be up to all activities . In particular, due to its proximity to Istanbul every season has been a preferred region .

Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir bus from the bus terminal to Kırklareli can find easily . Every hour from Istanbul , Ankara and Izmir bus service continues once a day . If you want to come with your own car , the highway from Istanbul to Edirne Taking Kırklareli Babaeski can reach the crossroads . Istanbul – BSNL 209 km , Ankara – BSNL 662 km. dr.

BSNL , Anatolia type colonies of settlement and the Asian -European culture is a passageway . Therefore, the various tribes throughout history civilizations left their marks here and the city has been known by various names . BC History begins around 5000 came in waves of migrations to and from Thrace, who settled there were communities . These migrations BC Up to the year 1200 and the various intricacies of social formations have continued and the Kingdom of the Thracians in the region consisting of several gentlemen began to form . This Thracian principality of residents within the province of the Astor , who Madiat , Melandit , Odris , Tin and Tranips as there were principalities . Also, that have marked the history of invasions and foreign domination influenced by experienced confusion and even burned many places , has been destroyed.

Things to Do
Kırklareli can tour places of natural lakes and dams, caves , nature conservation areas, forest recreation and beach with picnic areas are available. Kırklareli bath , Ped , the Merten , Plum and Sake BSNL with lakes , dams are Gift and Kayali . Bedre at the center , in Demirkoy to Pekmezder in Dupnisa Pınarhisar’a , Visa Domuzdere in the Captain ‘s , and beat the cave there are Kiyiköy .

Wining and Dining
Meat and dairy products , as well as holds an important place in the diet of vegetables and fruits . Cheddar cheese and sunflower production is common. In the region, making viticulture is developed depending on the drink . Keşkek, turmeric , Kaymakcina , Plasa , watery getaway, dry getaway, nettle fritters , ash , closing , shepherds pie eating nettle soup are unique to this area .

Cheese , crafts and traditional wooden houses , as well as goods can be woven products . Raki and wine production is especially common in the region .

Outdoor Sports
BSNL is one of the provinces of our country’s abundant forests . BSNL is very rich wildlife , important fishing centers. Stars heights of the mountains covered by dense forests of big game animals , plains habitat of the birds are prey animals . Besides hunting land in the province in the Black Sea fishing is done. Hunted every kind of fish depending on the season . In addition, angling in rivers and streams are also available. Most trout, miryana , carp being fished. Apart from this, water sports, trekking, camping can be made.

Kırklareli eight hospitals , two health centers, 44 health centers are available. BSNL Our region also rich in springs and drinking water sources has . Drinking hunter Mucur 15 km. The hunter from the village. Has a high sulfur content . Stomach and digestive upsets bozukluklug is healing . 20 km from the town of Hot Springs Cicekdagi slurry . away , Yerköy is near . Healing waters boiling in two places , a pool flows into the bath . Spas located around the ruins of these resources is very old kanıtlar.s temperature: 42 ° C respectively. If drunk before meals opens the appetite , facilitates digestion , bath, rheumatism , gynecological diseases for the benefit. I would visit this place throughout the season for the people of Anatolia . Mahmutl of Ilica , Cicekdagi 20 km from the town . away. Remove if the two sources . It is an old bath . It is easy to drink . Laxative effect is seen . Bathroom with all kinds of rheumatism, neuralgia, and received good results in women’s health . Water temperature: 55 ° C respectively. Terme Spa is south of the city center . Boiling from a ridge at an altitude of 15-20 meters . Calcium bicarbonate salts in the water, coming through the cracks of the collapse , has created this hill rising continuously . Now with drilling water , more abundant on the hill will be a state power has been lost , was taken into the layout . To obtain 800 liters of water per minute so is provided . There are two pool bath . Water , present in forty- degree temperatures , the bathroom can be entered from the cold water mixing . Thus, for patients with high blood pressure , this water is full extent by the amount of CO2 in the . When cooled , the water table as smoking facilitates digestion . Iron found in water is very high. Is also used by smoking . Rheumatism, skin, nerves , gynecology patients suffering from heart disease and many will benefit from this spa . Hotels , private baths, there are restaurants . Water temperature of 40 ° C respectively.

Tekirdag, Edirne , Istanbul, Bulgaria.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January : -2 / 4 February : 0 /7 March : 3/12
April: 8/18 May: 11/23 June: 15/27
July : 17/ 28 August : 19 /31 September : 14/24
October: 11/18 November: 4/12 Range: 2/8
special Days
Day of Nowruz at the center of BSNL for a period of 1 Day is celebrated on March 22 . Atatürk’s Coming to Kırklareli
BSNL at the center since 1930, is celebrated every year on December 20 . 1 Day on December 20
It is celebrated for a period .

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