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General Information
” The land of China … ”

Kütahya emerging industries , the rich underground and aboveground water sources , universities , thermal sources , crafts and history constitutes an important tourism potential . Aizanoi without a tour of the ancient city of Kutahya , buying a tile from the land of China , the first to visit the Tile Museum , Gediz Gövec without eating, without finding healing in thermal hotels of rotation . Extraordinary nature and turbulent history of the pearl of the Aegean Kutahya …

Kütahya thermal tourism is one of our richest province in terms of resources . In the majority of these resources despite the fact that adequate facilities should be developed and should be put to the service of active foreign tourism . In this context , studies of the creation of the decisions Thermal Tourism Centers in Kütahya has received a grant . And in Kutahya six centers ” Thermal Tourism Center ” has been announced. For this reason, almost every summer and winter seasons can be visited Kütahya .

For those who are from Istanbul by road to Kütahya ‘s three routes . Toll highway in the direction of the Adapazarı go out Bozoyuk first way Kütahya . Secondly Darıca from the ferry Toçular spent Inegeul Bursa Bozoyuk Kütahya third way the other two go astray came Tired of those less traffic than the view greener whereas bends and future Istanbul – Antalya route is to be considered way . He turned to direction after Bursa, Canakkale Orhaneli Harmancik entering the turn – out by environmental Tavşanlı Kütahya. Kütahya, Afyon direction after 10 km at 54 km after you left to right path that will bring Aizanoi’nin . 360 km from Istanbul -Kütahya . , Bangalore – 310 kms from Kütahya is .

All civilizations that dominated in Kütahya there are many works . Especially in the east of the county called Phrygian Valley Turkmen Mountain foothills area is very rich in these works . Kütahya bishop center during the Roman period , this is the most important work AIZANOI Ancient City . Aizanoi , Anatolia is one of the richest ancient city . The world’s first stock exchange was established in Aizonai .

Things to Do
District of Kütahya has natural beauty and recreational and historical sites worth visiting carries . Markets Kütahya 134 km from the city center . away. County is rich in natural beauty . Pond, Sariyayla and Akkaya create a landscape is quite nice to relax . Polity 89 km from Kutahya . The center and the village having the characteristics of the Roman and Byzantine periods and prayer are to be found on tombstones . In addition, Mizik Mosque and the State of Ananda ( Hayme ) tomb is in this town . Polity ‘s natural beauty Ebem Pines , Ilıcaks , Sarıkız Karagöl Plateau, pain – water , Kızınsara , the Durabey Cave Creek Karaerik , Kocayayla , Alibeyler Fountain, is the Marketplace .

Wining and Dining
The region’s famous foods from soups Fucky Soup, Oğmaç Soup and Tutmaç soup , vegetable dishes Ilıba Dolma , Pumpkin Shell Roasted and Stuffed Onions ; pastries nip , bumpers , Gökçen Subscription Passover and the meat Yemekleri the Küpet , the Göveç and tirit ; desserts of the cachets , lozenges include Cendere and Home .

City icon and introducing it to the whole world ” Tile ” in Kütahya , besides being an important art is also a livelihood arm . Kütahya tiles and porcelain in the world-famous handicraft production still continues. The tanning , ropery , hasırcılık , ağdacılık , Yemenicilik , saddle, farriery , saddlery, which is about to be destroyed as the last representative of handicrafts is located in the town of Simav . China and porcelain ware , as well as weaving and crafts can be purchased as a gift .

Kütahya terms of thermal tourism in Turkey is the most resource-rich region . Healing Spas of Kütahya every year hundreds of thousands of visitors are . Thermal waters almost every kind of disease the cure is … Ilica Harlek Springs, Shamrock Springs, Emet Green And Kaynarca Springs, Gediz Ilıcasu Springs, Gediz Muratdağı Springs, Simav Eynal Springs, Hisarcık Captive Spa and here not list so much healing waters and spas in Kütahya waiting for you ..

Eskişehir, Bursa , Istanbul , Manisa, Afyon .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: -4 / 2 February: -3 / 4 March: 2/12
April : 5 /18 May : 7/ 21 June : 11/26
July: 14/28 August: 15/32 September: 10/24
October: 8/18 November: 0 /11 Range: 0 / 7
special Days
Liberation of Kutahya is celebrated on August 30 . Cinema Festival, Kutahya-Center on 7-9 July is celebrated for 3 days . Hisarcik Fair Hisarcik period of 10 days on 10-20 September , in the province of Kutahya Library Week between 26 to 31 October is celebrated for 6 days .

Harlekin ( Ilıcaköy ) Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Kütahya Kütahya- Eskişehir on the road is within the municipal boundaries .
»Transportation : Kütahya 27 km from the city center . away.
» Water temperature : 25.2 ° C to 43 ° C
» PH Value: 6.84 Kadıs Supply, Supply Haslas 6.78 , 6.87 Harlek Supply, 6.64 Women’s Bath Supply
» Features: Thermal , hypotonic , oligometallic , Kadi and Haslas Resources , Harlekin and Women’s Bath Resources , bicarbonate , sulphate, calcium, magnesium .
» Applications: Drinking and bathing.
Treatment Diaesses : Rheumatic diseases, liver, biliary tract and on the skin is effective. Blood levels of certain substances accumulated in metabolic diseases is clear .
» Accommodation: Harlekin Hotel ( 186 B )

Muratdağı Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Murat 1700 m on the northern slopes of Mt . at the height of the land is in forest .
» Transportation: 27 km from the town of Gediz . away.
» Water temperature : 40 degrees and 42 degrees
» PH Value: 7.2
» Properties: Sulphate , calcium, magnesium , has a composition bromide and radioactive .
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Diaesses Treatment : Rheumatism, skin , woman, nervous and muscular fatigue, nervous disorders, joint and arthritis , diseases such as malnutrition makes a positive impact .
» Accommodation: 150 persons skilled Youth Camp outside accommodations are available.

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