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Ankara Escort

Map Of Amasya

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General Information
” Shirin Farhad where to move mountains ! ” A rumor that the name of the Amazons area Amasya, Ferhat Sirin his love as the price of moving mountains the city … Diamond who became known by Amasya, a small town although the date remains the richness amazes ! … Anatolia’s most beautiful city, one of the Amasya who do not !

As the location of the Black Sea climate with continental climate reflects the characteristics of a transitional climate . The summers are hot but dry continental climate is not so in the . The summer months are a period of very convenient to go to this region . If winter is cold but this situation is close to the Black Sea to cold weather causes a degree of softening .

Amasya by road and rail links with easy access to the neighboring province is one of the provinces . 130 km from the nearest port in Amasya . Samsun is away . Also Sivas – Samsun is located on the railway line .

Amasya’s history from 3000 BC to the years extends until the sanılıyor.b narrated by city name, Amazons from almış.b other reputedly the diamond is famous with this region’s apple (Apple province ) called with the name , and that name once in Amasya is transformed into … Yeşilırmak middle of the Hittite Amasya , Pontus , Seljuk and Ottoman periods, consisting of many historical remains of a city …

Things to Do
There’s so much to see in and around Amasya . Yeşilırmak houses with bay windows overlooking the river at the back of the neck BC Around the year 300 ‘ based on the tombs of the kings of Pontus … Yeşilırmak that divide the two sides together Maydanos , Helkıs and Bird bridges are connected. On Harsena Mountain , according to Western historians, which was built by Mithridates, King of Pontus, has Amasya Castle . In the ruins of ancient palaces and gunpowder depot , located cisterns . What side of the city if you look at the works of an historic monuments karşılaşıyorsunuz.b II. Beyazit Mosque , the Bimarhane , Kapıağa Madrasa and Hazeranlar Mansion can be counted . In short, Amasya , especially for those who are interested in history does a city trip ! Tasova Borabay Lake County Gölbeyl depending on the district and Suluova Yedikuğular Bird Sanctuary is located in the township are worth seeing …. 7 km from Amasya . Visit one of the places to be seen at a distance of town . Amasya in this town in the valley of the caves are the most important and most famous cave Mirror . Great block by carving a piece of rock from the ground reaching a height of 10-15 feet is a magnificent cave . Due to the shining facade of sunlight hitting the “mirrored” is named . Inside the cave is decorated with colorful pictures . Hz . One of the 12 apostles of Jesus, Christianity is said that this cave spring . It also has kralkaan Tomb . Harşena tombs carved into limestone rock extending vertically at the foot of the castle is . BC Born in Amasya and M. S. 21 dead in Amasya again based on the information given by the famous geographer Strabo rock tombs belong to King of Pontus

Tokat , Samsun, Niksar

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January: -3 / 4 February: -2 / 6 March: 4/6
April: 7/20 May: 9/24 June: 14/29
July 15 /29 August : 18/ 35 September : 13/26
October: 10/20 November: 3/12 Range: 0 /8
Thermal Terziköy

» Location: south of Amasya and adjacent municipalities are out of the field .
»Transportation : Amasya , 30 km from the city center . away
» Water temperature : 37 degrees
» PH Value: 6.6
» Features: Bicarbonate, Calcium, partly Carbon has a composition .
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Treatment Diaesses : rheumatism, stomach and intestines , kidneys and urinary tract, makes a positive impact in diseases such as malnutrition .
»Accommodation : 90 beds in a motel facilities are available .

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