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General Information
” Tourism resort in Mugla”

The history of mankind since the early days hundreds cradle of civilization has made southwest of Anatolia on the Aegean coast , 1100 km in excess of coastline located in various sizes hundreds of dark, rich forests of April the end of October dating back to the sunny weather , pristine and sparkling sea , spends every era of human history can be seen traces per step with amazing historical and cultural heritage of Turkey and the world tourism has been one of the most important centers MUĞLA .

Geography properties located in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions and in the region of Mugla Dalaman River in the remaining sections of the west Aegean, the Mediterranean climate in the east sector prevails. These aspects summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild and rainy . The remaining parts of the region in the Mediterranean region , and especially in the vicinity of Fethiye , it is possible to swim in every month of the year . In the mountainous parts of the region and the interior is dominated by continental climate .

Mugla city and the surrounding land , sea and air from every region of Turkey and the world is available in the field of transport is excellent . Mugla region neighbors, İzmir, Aydın , Denizli and Antalya province of Turkey wherever the road transport ; Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye harbor, the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea via Turkey and the world every region in the maritime transport , Dalaman, Bodrum-Milas and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airports by the needs of internal and external tourism has an adequate level of air transport .
In recent years, with the growing movement of domestic and foreign tourism in order to meet the needs and demands of yacht tourism , especially air and sea transport capacity and increasing the opportunities for the development scheme and measures are taken . It is 784 kms from Istanbul and Mugla . 624 km from Ankara Mugla . dr.

Things to Do
Thousands of years of history and cultural heritage , unique natural assets and the Mugla region has rich resources . Mugla province in the center of the Grand Mosque , Sheikh Mosque, with three who Mosque, Leaded Mosque Saburhane near authentic Muğla houses and the old original urban fabric , Hafiz Ana Evi, Shams Home and Witness Tombs sight-seeing places that you should have . Karabakh ( Plateau ) , Red and scar picnic areas, municipal parks and winters are worth seeing the beauty of nature .

Wining and Dining
Muğla and its districts with rich dishes reflect the characteristics of the Aegean cuisine . Especially in vegetable dishes and pastries seen in the diversity is astounding. Tarhana , intermediate and dutmeş ( soups ) pock-marked , brisket , plotting , rumble kebab, sura , Ballik roasting, tattoo meatballs and profit – kumbar dolma (meat dishes) all types of grilled fish and steamed rice fish (fish) mustard, boiled, eyed beans , sirken otlashi , sour peppers , galli eggplants (vegetable) honey crust, grape balls , hoşmerim , molasses, jam, grapes, tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini jam ( sweets) unique to the area culinary culture as products worth tasting flavor foods. Try to do …

A self-sufficient economy and trade requires daily necessities of life with everything in Muğla is possible to find in the market . Established in urban markets on Thursdays next to all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits that reflect local characteristics , lace, needlework and handwork daster possible to buy .
Especially Milas , Bodrum and B in the villages of the districts most commonly from the crafts carpet . Fethiye has developed weaving rugs and destr . B Kavaklıdere the counties parish goods are made of copper tattoo . Milas , Bodrum and B of carpets , rugs and dest woven from Fethiye , Kavaklıdere parish wrought copper utensils are just some of the gift items that can be taken from the region .

Muğla and its districts , especially in the summer season in terms of nightlife is quite lively . Quite a wide range of international cuisine in the province where you will find all of the restaurants to pubs in environments that appeals to all types of economic income can have fun at the same time you can taste the local cuisine . The bar is open until late at night and night clubs all domestic and foreign tourists , particularly coastal region in various programs to better serve immediately .

Outdoor Sports
In Muğla and surrounding counties paragliding, water sports, trekking, rafting , camping, climbing, paragliding is done. Koycegiz, Marmaris, Fethiye regions where this sport is the most preferred . Nine months of the year in sunny regions undergoing extreme sports are quite common. Paragliding from Babadag elsewhere do not come to mind . Muğla , the quaint town Paragliding in Oludeniz , local adventure with enthusiasm indispensable passion for local and foreign tourists form. Both natural beauty as well as for compliance with the wind paragliding course that is most preferred . In the Dalaman river rafting, canyoning in Ulan canyon , Butterfly Valley , Saklikent canyon known and are certain in Mugla region . However, in this region not yet entered the canyon is located near 30 .

Denizli, Aydın , Burdur and Antalya .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: 0/ 8 February : 2/10 March: 4/14
April: 9/20 May: 10/25 June: 15/30
July: 20/33 August : 20/ 35 September : 15/29
October: 11/23 November: 3/15 Range: 2/12
special Days
Muğla Marmaris diyebiliriz.uluslarara destination for festivals every year in Marmaris Yacht Festival starts in November is celebrated for 5 days . International Marmaris Festival in June , Fethiye Children’s Festival in Fethiye in September, one week period , Gulet Festival in Marmaris every year in October for 3 days with Ortaç Festival Sarigerme – Dalyan in June for 4 days , Almond Festival in Datca
18 to 21 August is celebrated with various activities throughout the day from 4 . Apart from that, local celebrations, and summer festivals are held .

Sultani Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Mugla Province in the west of Koycegiz Koycegiz Lake County along the west coast and not die at the foot of Mt .
» Transportation: 20 km from Koycegiz . , 4 km from the village of Dalyan . away. In addition, 1.5 km from the village of Dalyan . away Rızaçavuş , 2.5 km . If there are thermal springs Velibey away .
» Water temperature : 39 ° C Large Bath Supply, 41.9 ° C Domed Bath Supply, 32 ° C sultanas Drinking Supply
» PH Value: 6.68 Large Bath Supply, 6.65 Domed Bath Supply, sultanas 6.74 Source of Drinking
Composition : chloride , sodium , hydrogen sulfide , bromide .
» Features: hyperthermal , hypertonic , radioactive and vaulted Great Bath Bath Supplies: Thermal , hypertonic , sultanas to drink radioactive source
Applications: Drinking , bathroom.
» Treatment Diaesses : Rheumatic diseases, skin, blood circulation, heart disease, respiratory tract, nervous system, kidney and urinary tract diseases, gynecological diseases, metabolic disorders and is effective in convalescence .
» Accommodation: Caunos Hotel ( 82 B ) , Özay Hotel ( 38 B )

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