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Massage Therapy at Turkey

Massage is one of the oldest treatment methods and Hypocrites who is the father of medicine, who lived between 460-380 B.C., explained the benefits of a soft massage in his treatment after healing shoulder dislocation. The purpose of massage is to reach the treatment using one of the physiological, mechanical or pathological effects.

Turkey MassageDifferent functions are performed through different massage methods for different regions of the body. Through restating the energy balance in malfunctioning regions, healing and immunity system of the body is activated through the effects like relaxing the skin, relaxation in muscle lymph level, relieving stress arising due to daily environmental conditions. Massage which increases the resistance of the body and makes the skin healthier and regulate basal metabolism, indicate the effect of massage on loosing weight.




CLASSIC MASSAGE: Massage has been applied to have a healthier life and eliminate various diseases for years. Blood circulation in tissues is improved, metabolism is accelerated, relaxation and sedation are provided through this kind of massage.

SPECIAL COMBINED MASSAGE: It has the same characteristics with classic massage. However, ,it is applied by combining classic massage with special techniques, taking the demands and problems of the persons into account.

SPECIAL MASSAGE APPLICATIONS: The application of this massage under physician control is appropriate both in terms of its side effects and utility on the highest level. Additionaliy, these group massages should continue for 2 weeks to observe their supportive effects in various treatments.

A. CONNECTIVE TISSUE MASSAGE: The main purpose of this kind of massage is to provide a strong tonus balance in under-skin tissues. At the end of massage, blood circulation is more effective in that region.

B. FOOT REFLEX MASSAGE: Sole is considered as a map indicating all of the organs in the body. Functions of relevant organs may be improved by pressing that regions with finger tips.

SEGMENT MASSAGE: It is a kind of massage applied along the spine in the low back. Spinal nerves complying with each spinal cord (segment) come out of the spine and they are diffused to skin regions through various organs. The massage applied to the points where the spinal nerves come out aims at affecting the organs and skin regions, which receive nerves from that region.

UNDERWATER MASSAGE: It is a kind of massage applied through spraying pressurized water.

ABDOMINAL MASSAGE: It is a kind of massage applied with procedures similar to those of segment massage. Through the massage applied to the abdominal region, functions of some inner-organs and especially large intestines are tried to be improved.

PERIOST MASSAGE: It is a kind of massage applied over the bones deep and strongly. Its purpose is to relieve the pain based on bones.

LYMPH DRAINAGE MASSAGE: It is a kind of massage, which stimulates and accelerates lymph flow. It is proven to be effective especially on edema, acne vulgaris, migraine, softening of wound scars.


ACUPUNCTURE MASSAGE AND MOXA: It is an acupuncture massage, however, heat is applied to some special regions on the skin through special wax and the effect is tried to be increased and diverged.


It is the kind of massage on points and lines used in classic acupuncture applications.

HOT MUD: Hot mud provides an environment with a long-lasting temperature that does not burn the skin and where the deep tissues can be heated effectively and permanently. 45-50oC heated mud is laid on the skin with a thickness of 3 cm. It is removed from the skin through a shower with lukewarm water after 30 minutes and a rest is taken. Besides its effect of relieving the muscle pains, it is also effective on chronic degenerative joint diseases and chronic rheumatic problems.

COLD MUD: It is similar to hot mud application. However, cold mud is used this time. Acute inflammations and varicose are among its main indications.



Massage has sedative (analgesic, muscle relaxant), stimulating effects and accelerates blood flow in surface veins going to the heart through mechanic pressure, additionally it accelerates lymph flow. It facilitates extraction of metabolites from the body, pushes blood accumulation in capillaries towards venous cavities. Massage is beneficial since it improves stimulation on the skin, relieves the scars in under-skin tissues which stretch muscles and muscle groups passively, increases the muscle tonus, assists the dilution of mucous in bronchia in lungs and also relaxes the spasm in intestines.


Massage is applied to people with problems of;

Orthopedic and neuralgic diseases
Sprain and strain
Pressurre wounds and surrounding tissue
Scar tissue, adhesion’
Facial paralysis
Long bed-rest
Peripheral neuritis
Muscle spasms
Bronchiectasis and pulmonary abscess ù Varicose ulcers
Edema and the people who came for resting and relaxing.

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