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Altınoluk Map

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General Information

“Clean and oxygen-rich air , sparkling sea mythological founded on the slopes of Mount Ida Altınoluk’a not get enough ! ”

The fresh air will make your head spin . Will refresh you cool in the heat of the summer sea …
Edremit ‘s imbat has hot summers and mild . Winters are usually mild and go. If you are one of those giving priority to the sea , Edremit ‘ from May to October is the best time to go to a …
You can follow two routes , while Altınoluk’a . One of them Çanakkale- Izmir highway … The other option is to follow the direction of Balıkesir- Edremit . When you go in the direction of Ayvacık about 50 km from Edremit Edremit can reach . ALTINOLUK to Istanbul from 5 hours to reach by ferry or by car is possible … also located in Edremit Edremit Bay Airport is also only 30 miles away …
Edremit Edremit Bay ‘s surrounding a spring-like , with Mount Ida in mythology name Kazdaglari ‘ s situated in the foothills … There are several myths on Mount Ida . One of them raised by animals in the mountains Paris and the three beautiful Hera, Athena and Aphrodite are among the last story . Zeus , the last of these three beautiful beauty bet of Paris in Want to arbitrate and eventually Aphrodite bribe Paris ‘ i trick the ” most beautiful woman ” is the title . In particular, Homer’s Iliad through a lot and always in the name Ida ” mother of animals ” or ” resources Ida ” is defined as . But still IDA ‘ There is no consensus on the meaning of the word . The Turks settle in Anatolia in time with the name Ida Ida Mountain ‘ has turned into .
Things to Do
Edremit , Kazdaglari ‘s a charming town at the foot of lush olive groves, tea gardens and bars … In the evening, some vitality coefficients usually a place where you can spend a quiet holiday … Quiet and not too different in the center instead of spending a holiday , your tour the village , we recommend you make day trips to the environment .

Right on Mount Ida on trips to do one of the legends of the mountain you can see the tomb of the Sarıkız . Şahinderesi if you scroll to the many caves and natural mineral water sources will come across . If you are heading toward Hasanboğuldu Sutüven a lot of waterfalls and small lakes you are greeted with stunning views .

Located between the Edremit Edremit Tahtakuşlar to undergo the neglect. Ethnography is open every day of the week Tahtakuşlar will learn a lot about the culture of the Turkmen Gallery , also of Mount Ida famous medicinal herbs you will find the option to purchase from .

The slopes of Mount Ida Another source of healing … In the neighboring streets , past the time to get stuck somewhere you will feel that progress remains as it is . Historic buildings, old streets and having a charming atmosphere Gürece ‘s real fame comes from springs . Aphrodite Roman-era Thermal Plants with a capacity of 85 beds , is operated by the municipality . Temperature of 64 ° C which springs rheumatism, gynecological diseases, skin diseases , gout, arthritis, psoriasis , kidney stones and sands are said to be good for liver disease .

Aphrodite Thermal Plants
Tel: 0266 384 19 78
Outdoor Sports
Edremit and swim around the sun , as well as plenty of opportunity to be able to find many amenities … Kazdaglari ‘s can do trekking and mountain climbing . Şahinderesi to Canyon guided tours are held . In the canyon on your own in terms of security is not allowed to roam . Also in the vicinity is very convenient to the area ‘s paragliding .
Edremit Edremit , Assos, BURHANİYE

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  2. Места, которые мы видели в предыдущей поездке, действительно стоит посетить, вы освежили наши воспоминания.

  3. Места, которые мы видели в предыдущей поездке, действительно стоит посетить, вы освежили наши воспоминания.

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