General Information
” Turkey’s oil production center .. ” Rich history in the land of the Tigris, which flows past the ancient city of Hasankeyf, Batman and preserves , with more than a thousand caves , historical monuments and is a wonderland . Hasankeyf , the medieval world of culture, commerce and politics integrate their focus , which is magnificent and mysterious ancient city . Tigris River , is a river that gives life to the area . Date of the Tigris River, a major waterway route is located in importance due to its geopolitical location of Hasankeyf has increased even more .

Batman continental climate prevails. In the region , summers are hot and dry, winters are cold and rainy. The average summer temperature of 40 degrees, while winter is -5 degrees . Snowfalls are rare . City is very rich in terms of underground water reserves . South and southeast of the town of Hasankeyf calcareous land surrounding the structure created with the possibilities of the cave houses in terms of surface shapes exhibits quite a nice view . This region where more than 4,000 caves in the world like a rare natural phenomenon. Flood waters of the canyon formed over a period of thousands of years and consequently the resulting landforms shaped by the rugged terrain of the course is not saturated . For this reason, Batman is one of our beautiful resort to be seen .

Region Local Transportation
Located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Batman , north and northeast high , steep and mountainous and are mountainous and hilly. Transportation is usually provided by the highway . Batman airline with regular flights are scheduled every day . 1 h 15 min. time after the plane ride to the magnificent landscape of Batman will embrace you . Istanbul – 1,464 miles from Batman . dr. Ankara – the 1011 km road distance from Batman . dr. If you prefer the car to a track you would rather force 18 – 20 -hour period must be willing to b .

Batman, while a village called Iluh has been the parish in 1937 . In 1950 the name was Batman because Batman River . In 1957, Batman , Siirt connected to the province , became a province in 1990 . Batman The oldest information about the history , folk tales , myths and are provided on Herodotus . According to public data , and the first known tribes that settled in this region are med . Composed of reeds and marsh gorse an artificial islet in the middle of this area is created, the name ” HAN OBA ” in the sense that KH was called ELAM .

Things to Do
Hasankeyf Bridge, Grand Mosque, Speed ​​Bey Mosque , Imam Abdullah Zawiya, Malabadi Bridge , Kozluk ( Hazon ) Castle, Ibrahim Bey Mosque, Çemi Mound, Hasankeyf Caves , Hasankeyf Canyons , in Hasankeyf Road last Han , Hasankeyf Castle , in Hasankeyf 12 Mihraplı cave mosque, the Cave Church, Big House, Little House, 240 Cascading Rock Stairs with a castle Images Hidden Paths , Historic Water Ways , Zeynel Bey Tomb , Koc Mosque , Çiftyol the minarets , Castle Gate , Secret Door , Archaeological Excavation Areas, Salahiye Garden and Falls are among the things to do and places to see .

Batman and the beginning of handicrafts, handloom traditionally comes around . Weaving factory located in the town of Hasankeyf in their development period in which people living in caves in the castle , home of fabric weaving looms were called today gauze . Up to 70 years in the business today widely held in the region of 5-6 place is left to the artisan’s craft has been kept alive . In the region, saddlebags, socks, tourist goods is still ongoing . These local handicrafts from Hasankeyf and Batman are available from the marketplace .

Outdoor Sports
In the area, hiking, camping and swimming in Batman Dam water basin , are among the sports that can be done .

Batman There are two hospitals including the private one . Resort, spa and drinking is not much about the resource-rich .

Mardin, Sirnak , Siirt and Diyarbakir .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January : -2 / 5 February : 0/10 March: 4/17
April : 9/ 22 May 11 /27 June : 16/37
July: 20/38 August: 21/40 September: 14/32
October : 11/ 25 November : 1/6 Range: 0 /12

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