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General Information
” Trade, culture, industry .. ”

Kocaeli, located in the Marmara Region is one of our country’s major business and cultural centers .
Kocaeli province in the Black Sea and Mediterranean plants of the natural vegetation communities are seen as intertwined . Izmit Gulf coasts in winter evergreen shrubs , olive trees and red pine as Mediterranean specialties cooties , while Kocaeli half of the island in the northern part and straw the higher mountain in the Black Sea off the coast of common plant communities beech , fir , etc.) takes place .
Central district of Izmit, Izmit , Gebze, Izmit , Karamursel Kandıra and the Gulf has a total of seven counties .

Kocaeli colder winters in the Black Sea through open cuts . But on the north coast of the Gulf of Izmit to protect the coastal areas of the mountains , the climate is milder . Kocaeli province is a transit point we can say that of all the climate . Summer picnic areas and especially in the highlands mesvsim is worth a visit .

Turkey is the highest density of traffic on the road network segments , Marmara Region , Istanbul axis of the busiest in the region – Kocaeli and Adapazarı is the route . Possible to reach the city bus and minibus terminal . Istanbul – distance 111 km from Kocaeli . dr. Ankara – is 342 km from Kocaeli . dr.

Region Local Transportation
Kocaeli and Istanbul from the 30th to the entire county . Minutes a shield can be reached by bus .

Asia-Europe on the way from Europe to the fact that some of the tribes have stayed in this area for a short time or a long time and settled in the region . BC Colonists from Megara in 712 across the Gulf of Izmit , known as placement in Başiskele Astaltos conquered and established a colonial city . BC 500-435 dates minted coins in the name of the city, BC 435 is passed into the hands of Athens . BC King of Bithynia in 297 Zipoites was destroyed by the city . BC King of Bithynia in 262 I. Nicomedes , this ruined city of Izmit is located on top of the current established in the city of Nicomedia .

Things to Do
Beşka are natural park, with an area of ​​1600 hectares , is very rich in flora and fauna . In one of two caves located in the park lake , waterfall is located in the other . Canyons in the area of the intersection of Soğukder and Sıcakder , 6 km long and in places there are waterfalls . Parking space Marmara Region is one of the most important trekking areas . Yapmaya tent camp in the region is appropriate. Generally, the descent of climbers and climbing in the valley Ballıkayalar they Ballıkayalar Valley developed as a result of the dissolution of lime stone with unique karst geomorphological forms are sore . In the valley of lakes , waterfalls and streams reaching Ballıkaya travertine terraces are over . Conducive to pitch a tent for camping in the canyon of the plains where there are hiking areas in the east and the west ridge .
Located in the foothills kartepe Masukiye , is an important recreation spot . Create a flowing stream , a waterfall in the forest in the trout farms , restaurants, picnic areas, flower greenhouses are worth seeing . Skin and the healing waters are good for stomach ailments .

Wining and Dining
Cultural diversity is reflected in dietary patterns in the region . Vegetable and fruit consumption is quite high. Cherry, apple and peach production is quite common. Half of cherries , nuts are famous Değirmendere . Cizleme , curling and hoşmerim main dishes are unique to the region . Pişmaniye to Kocaeli is a unique kind of sweet . You still Bird Paradise and Theme Park ( Darıca- Bayramoğlu- Gebze) without a tour , Maşukiye trout Kandıra yogurt , cheese, Pişmaniye and Saray Halva before tasting , Hereke Silk Carpets , Karamürsel cart back without the .

Hereke Silk Carpet ( Herek -Gulf) , and Saray Halva pişmaniye and can be purchased from the city Karamursel cart souvenirs.

Kaiser Wilhelm Hereke Carpet Factory is located behind the pavilion , from 1843 until the present day silk and woolen carpets produced in a century the world has carpet in the literature . Hereke carpets , traditional Anatolian carpet is the synthesis of our century . Today, Yildiz Palace, which is located in the production of the world’s largest carpet Hereke silk carpet weaving looms in our country and in the world is located in a very important position .

Outdoor Sports
Ballıkayalar valley, suitable for camping and trekking plains have . Beşka are also nature parks and nature walks are suitable for camping again .
Masukiye of the spa may faydanılacak .

Kocaeli region of natural beauty and is rich in thermal sources .
Summer yeniköy Ilıcası , over the road 15 km south of Izmit Izmit Yenikoy cottage located within the boundaries of the sea, 3 km from Ilica . away. 1 m from the water good for skin diseases . in depth , are used by washing in 40 degree pool .

Masukiye Medicinal Water , Kartepe these waters near the foothills Masukiye stands out from the shrubbery . The vicinity of the water from the sea is 50 m in height . 0.5 liters per second exit in case of two sources , which is in the waters temperature is 20 degrees . It is good for skin and stomach diseases .

Medicinal cold water , connected to the center in the town of Bahçecik Soğuksu Medicinal Water , has been named to the region , is known to be good for stomach ailments .

Istanbul, Istanbul, Bursa .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: 1/7 February: 3/10 March: 5/15
April: 8/19 May: 11/23 June: 16/27
July 18 /29 August : 20/ 33 Sept : 15/25
October: 14/21 November: 6/15 Range: 5/12
special Days
Namazgah trick Municipality Recreation Festival
Trick is celebrated between July 20 to 21 in the county .
Cherry Festival Bay ( half of ) the 22nd – 30th June is celebrated for a period of 1 week .

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