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Ankara Escort


General Information
” Central Anatolia, the cradle of culture in the countryside … ”

Its proximity to the major centers , to be in the region of Cappadocia , historical monuments, museums and rich with natural assets has been one of the tourism centers of Turkey .

Our country who are new to mountain and winter tourism has gained momentum since 1990 . Mountain tourism type is determined when the various centers in the province of Nigde , remaining portion of the Taurus Aladağlar have been identified as one of six key areas . 1 walkable mountain and winter tourism and 2 It is located in the mountainous area 10 Aladağlar high priority . Write skiing in winter mountain tourism in this region is also preferred in terms Emli Hiking trails , tent camping and nature photography in the evening of the spring and forest walks in all seasons , especially for the months of May and September may be preferred.

Nigde, South Central Anatolia , which connects North and West Anatolia is an important road and rail junction . Istanbul – distance 795 km from Nigde . center with all county road, railway transport with Boron and Ulukışla counties have . Ankara – 346 km from Nigde . dr. If you prefer to go with your own car from Istanbul , Izmit – Adapazari Ankara -Eskişehir road – to Nigde can be accessed by following the Aksaray .

Region Local Transportation
From the center of Nigde access to all the counties in the day from the central bus station are provided. Often done in the summertime minibus and bus services for local and foreign tourists to the highlands and bears picnic areas . Bor depending on Yesilyurt town passing through alma Yesilyurt springs 10 km, Emli Valley 7 km, Ulukışla springs 15 km, silver and dam to the city center is 8 km , Hill ties Nigde 5km from the center . is situated .

Nigde the ancient name ” in Nahid is” . Çamardı garden and unearthed in Kestel tin mine , Nigde history BC That dates back to 5000 years gösterir.türk starting with the 1071 arrival in Anatolia Seljuk State sovereignty lasted until the year 1308 . From the year 1470 which was dominated by certain regions of the Ottoman Empire until the Republican era has arrived .

Things to Do
The city is rich in historical terms . Gümüşler monastery ruins 9 km from Nigde . away. Preserved works of Byzantine art and is one of the most beautiful . Made at the beginning of the 1800s in the province are 15 churches . 17 km from the town center . away surrounded by gardens and 15th century Roman Pool especially those made ​​in Nigde Castle are among the attractions .
Tyana aqueducts, to Akmedrese , Alaeddin mosque , mausoleum Hüdavent chick , bazaar , Turkish baths Kavlaktepe underground city and other attractions of our cultural treasures .

Outdoor Sports
Nigde in the winter and outdoor sports in Turkey is one of the few centers . Aladağlar trekking, climbing and camping is very convenient. Must participate for the first time climbing mountaineering training fields as well as a region of choice for professional climbers . Aladağlar are poor in water . Snow and ice melting as a result there are no major rivers except a few insignificant stream . But the Taurus mountain excursions and for trekking is the most appropriate section . Therefore advised to be cautious in terms of the way water ski tour for edilir.kış Farmhouse Linen grass in the town promenade area is an area suitable for this sport .

Adana , Kayseri, Nevsehir, Aksaray .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: -6 / -2 February: -3 / 6 March: 2/13
April: 6/18 May: 9/22 June: 14/28
July 15 /29 August : 17/33 September: 12/25
October: 8/19 November: 0 /11 Range: -2/8
special Days
Nigde important days and festivals ;
Held every year on December 4 Day of Remembrance of Hazrat Ahmad Kuddusi Boron ( Indoor Gym ) n is scheduled. Also again on July 12 in each year
Ulukışla narrow Strait Cherry Festival is made in the town . Local celebration day as the anniversary of Atatürk’s arrival in Nigde is celebrated on February 5 .

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