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General Information
” East to the Black Sea on the door opened … ”

All natural beauty bosom hosts, green and blue embrace of Ordu , vegetation , beautiful coastal villages and beaches, the coastline starting immediately mountains, raises their vast and beautiful than the other plateaus in tourism future is bright , which is a city . The region’s most clean sand and has the longest shoreline in the region . Along the coast of Unye- Fats , Thursday districts are where most of the population is dense .

Generally mountainous mountains in Ordu Province extends parallel to the shore . A typical Black Sea climate is dominant in the army . Cool winters , summers are mild . There are rainfall in almost all months of the year . The army, in a lush natural vegetation occupies another every season is beautiful in summer and winter . Seasonal transhumance traditional way of life in the province , which has been still alive today . Tourism Centre declared Çambaşı Plateau, Aybasti Thursday Plateau, Mesudiye – Keyfalan Plateau, by Green – Topçam Plateaus and Akkus -Ark Plateau, Cüle Plateau, Aydogan Plateau, its natural beauties and large capacities with the Black Sea region important seasonal recreation areas.

Region Local Transportation
Possible access to all the districts from the central bus station . Transportation by road from the town of Fatsa dove and the road is paved . Access roads Ünye 45 km . Korgan 36 km . Akkus 45 km . Nyx is 60 km.stabiliz . Niksar 13 -kilometer section of the road is paved . Transport are generally provided with a public transportation vehicle . Some county roads due to snow in winter may be disruptions in transportation .

In his research of historians and excavation , the Army and the first traces of settlement around M.Ö.15 was seen to extend to a thousand years . XIII. century Seljuk Empire, located within the boundaries of the Army , XIV. century Ottoman rule was put . Army town of Trabzon province until 1920, when due to an accident , 17 April 1920 at the Army center Janik including Fats that are connected to the starboard of the accident is connected to the Army .

Things to Do
Ordu mosques , museums , and to ruin , beaches , springs up to the resort has important things to do . It also is made of birdwatching Akkus Island in particular are among the places to be seen . Tourism Centre declared Çambaşı Plateau, Aybasti Thursday Plateau, Mesudiye – Keyfalan Plateau, by Green – Topçam Plateaus and Akkus -Ark Plateau, Cüle Plateau, Aydogan Plateau, Gülyalı in the county natural beaches with Turnasu , the Akkus district Küçükkertil , in Fatsa Special Environmental Protection Lake District Gaga declared , in the district of Gölköy Ulugöl , Harçbel , winter sports can be done Aydogan Hill , in the county of Ulubey Sayacabaş are important natural beauty .

Wining and Dining
As with all Black Sea coastal fish dishes are the main foods that can be preferred . Of Ordu local food Beet Soup, Beet Wrap , Melocan roasting , Clumsy Mıhlaması , Galdirik roasting , Keskek , Tirmit ( Mushroom ) Roasting , Corn Bread , Marinated Roasted , Water , Dim Sum, Fried Anchovies , Anchovy , steamed Anchovy Stuffed Pan and other fish varieties important ones. These dishes at restaurants in the city center , you can find small restaurants can be found in springs on the way .

As in all the districts in the province of Ordu , there are also examples of handicrafts . Rugs, twine, girth , saddle , embroidered woven products , such as writing , as well as articles of wood from the cane and basket. These products reflect the culture of the Black Sea side of the road almost everywhere in the city center and the shops selling ornaments can be obtained . Musical instruments made ​​in the production of musical instruments can be found in the Army are the clarinet and flute . Locally grown nuts, can be taken as a gift .

Outdoor Sports
Due to the nature conducive to paragliding, extreme sports enthusiasts are drawn to the region . Ordu natural lakes, rivers and coastal due in terms of hunting and fishing has been quite a preferred region . Also camping, hiking, nature tours , mountain tourism has grown along with .

A rich hot springs and healing waters were bölgedir. depending on the province , is a Sikh man near the village . Water temperature is 13 degrees . Water , carbon dioxide gas provides plenty . Palatable , is a natural soda . Environmental public shows great interest in this water .
Is beneficial to the digestive and urinary tract diseases . District of Hot Springs Village Fats vines , the vines are in the village . Bolman due to its proximity to the River Bolaman are also referred to as hot springs . Fatsa 13 km. away. If the distance is 50 kms to the Army . The water temperature is 48 ° C . Waters with sodium sulphate , is bromide . Stomach, intestine, skin and sugar hastalıkar is beneficial.
Other than that, the Army Spouse near Bremen ( Akkus ) and near the county CEMII ( Gölköy ) are drinking .

Samsun, Tokat, Giresun

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: 3/9 February: 4 /11 March : 6/15
April: 9/15 May: 11/19 June: 17/24
July: 20/26 August: 22/30 September: 18/25
October: 14/20 November: 8/16 Range: 7/13
special Days
Army with nature and people, as well as festivals and is also quite colorful city . Hazelnut Festival between July 1 to 7 , especially during the summer ,
Cheese Festival July 13 to 14 , the Düzob Highland Festival 22-28 July , Ünye International Culture, Arts and Tourism Festival July 20 to 22 , the Ulubey Culture And Arts Festival are held in 26-27 July . Date Thursday Aybasti Plateau District Fair is celebrated between August 3-7 .

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