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General Information
“A city of art and history ….”

Located in Southeastern Anatolia province of Siirt, a large part of the territory is covered by mountains. Siirt and continental climate with four seasons, the most prominent features are experienced Summers are hot and dry. Maximum rainfall in Kurtalan least precipitation occurs in Baykan. With the introduction of GAP observed a distinct change in climate, was more rainfall in the spring and increased humidity is less than 40%. Siirt province with the East Anatolian deciduous forests belt and the South East Anatolian steppe belt arasındadır.toros mountains’ s SOUTHEAST Taurus Mountains, named after its sections here extending towards north plateau and mountains decreased significantly oak trees are.

Siirt effective continental climate prevails is one of our region. Late winter is harsh climate is suitable to opt for the summer. Gap projects in the region after the recovery has been very common cultural tourism.
Covering the period October to February hunting season; quail, wood pigeon, pigeon, wild duck, rabbits, foxes, otters and badgers hunt .. Other than that, it is always possible to fish in streams available. I used to hunt wild animals in the form of hunting these animals are extinct today is done. Within the scope of the ban on hunting mountain goats really are trying to protect generations

City Center with all of the provinces have a regular connection to the road. Entrance to the city and some main streets are paved. With six districts of the city center, which is open in summer and winter there are road links. Road and rail transport in the “endpoint” to be, the province’s economic and social structure is adversely affected. In parallel to the road from Diyarbakir and Batman out railroads Kurtalan ‘ceases to exist. City’s air transport since September 1994 City Center 14 Km what. within the State Airports Administration ‘s are performed by. There are flights every day of the week. ANKARA Indirect Air transport is carried out as above. Istanbul – 1551 km distance between Siirt. dr.

Region Local Transportation
With six districts of the city center, which is open in summer and winter there are road links. All districts are regular flights from the city center.

Siirt is suggested that the name comes from the Sami language. Another source of Siirt name “Seert” It is said that not mean in the sense of three places. Siirt, the intersection of the Anatolian civilizations of Mesopotamia and was established in an area. That’s why the north and south of the emerging civilization, has been instrumental in the cultural development of the region. The region’s mountainous and lack of transport facilities and advanced the emergence of the cultural centers of the city has prevented. Today’s cultural structure is formed under the influence of the Turkish-Islamic culture. Southeastern Anatolia mixed prehistoric research project, a survey conducted in Siirt Ilinden Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age and Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and Modern eras, covering finds were uncovered.

Things to Do
Siirt, museums, spas, churches and monasteries, mosques and worth of the Southeast Anatolia is one of the provinces. Ulucami from the pulpit of the pulpit is a medium-sized, 611 Hijri, Gregorian has been made in 1214, at various dates from repair has passed. Since the right side of the door jamb on the front “of verses of” You’re also a part of the front left side of the inscription are the Masters. Siirt province in the most debris that is in the church and monastery of the main Kurtalan ‘s Asmadere, Tulumtaş and Beykent in their village churches; Baykan Bitlis on the road 2.Km’ in Hoshyar church; Pervari the Hef in the village church and Siirt, in the center Hadervis church. Aydin (Tillo) in the district of the Prophet Ibrahim Hakki great scholar and scientist. ‘S belong to it and which have been used in the field of science instruments and books are exhibited in a small museum.

Wining and Dining
Siirt unique to itself meal comes at the beginning of Rice Büryan and Curtain. Büryan cooked in underground ovens büryanı a meat dish that is eaten in all seasons. The bones of the flame out before leaving chunks of meat with hooks to the underground oven is sealed elongated oven. The meat cooked in 2 hours removed from the oven rack is offered for sale. Curtain curtain rice pilaf cooked in the pot in the form of Fes, Siirt’s most famous dish is the guest. Local phrase “KiTEL” called Siirt patties are made from fine bulgur. Kneaded into the dough with water before the rice with fat meat into fine cracked wheat, parsley, onion and some spices after being placed in boiling water boiled it made a huge meatballs are cooked through. These heavy sour meatball dinner next to vegetable soups or gumbo is usually found as a garnish.

Siirt, the four seasons of the most beautiful as it is experiencing climate, all kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown fertile land, manual labor radiance is the product of blankets and rugs, a source of healing Pervari Honey, coarse-grained nuts, unique flavor that Zivzik Pomegranate, natural beauty, historical monuments , in the bosom hosting is a place worth visiting with the saints. From the bazaar in the center of the province of Siirt region-specific cultured pearl products are available.

Outdoor Sports
In Botan River rafting, trout farms that gives color to the local fishing, trekking and climbing, mountaineering and camping are among the many activities available in the region.
Central District of the County of ten people Shirvan Pervari and rafting boats and equipment are made available in exciting contests in the province.

Depending on poems Eruh, in Misifr (was Düğüny) Hist Hot Springs is located in the village 70 km from Siirt. away. There is a bath and a pool. Water is calcium sulfide. Turkey’s most valuable sulfur water is counted. The bathroom has continuously throughout the sulfur. The smell of sulfur is heard far away. Bathroom, sniffing and gargling in all kinds of rheumatism, respiratory diseases, disorders or women is one of our most healing spas. Temperature of 60 degrees. Biloris (Billuris) Spas 17 km from the city of Siirt. away, on the shores of Boton Tea Billuris village. Boiling in a cave. There is a large pool in the cave. The cave’s ceiling, is carved high dome-shaped. Calcium sulfate is water. It also contains sulfur. Rheumatism, neuritis, paralysis and respiratory tract disease in children is recommended.

Şırnak, Bitlis, Van, Batman, Diyarbakır.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: -1 / 6 February: 1/9 March: 5/16
April: 11/20 May: 15/27 June: 21/36
July: 24/37 August: 26/40 September: 19/33
October: 14/24 November: 4/14 Range: 4/13
Special Days
Siirt t 6 May every year is celebrated as the Feast of the egg. Taşmanl Village Wrestling May 7 to 13, between Veysel Karani Ceremony May 16 to June 4 at the dates, Wrestling June 1 to 5, Traditional Ayancık Culture and Art And Flax Festival July 23 to 29, Erfelek (Karasu) Fair, 12 -17 September, Siirt Seref September 14 in Siirt Peanut Incentive Contest And Honey Festival September 14 to 22, Turkel Summer Festival July 26 to 28, Hidirellez Festival May 7 to 13, Sarayduzu and Rural Aksu Highland Festival August 9 to 11 Siirt is celebrated on the date.

Billoris Thermal Tourism Center

»Location: Situated on the edge of the south of Siirt Botan.
»Transportation: It is 17 km away from the center of the province of Siirt.
»Water temperature: 33 degrees – 36 degrees
»Water (PH) value: 6.4
»Features: Chlorine, Sulfate, Bicarbonate, Sodium, Hydrogen Sulphide, Calcium has a composition.
»Applications: Drinking and bathing
»Diaesses Treatment: Rheumatism, skin, respiratory tract, female, nerve and muscle fatigue, nervous disorders, joint and arthritis, post-operative discomfort makes such a positive impact on disease.

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