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“Good nature is waiting for you!”

Alexander the Great, his terrific “Shadow does not want another gift!” Diogenes of Sinope is the hometown of the well-known answer “Tree Sea” called fir and pine forests famous for! .. Here nature has always reveal the color of your eyes like … Black Sea city of Sinop beach is waiting for you!

Sinop is very popular in the summer with spectacular nature. Write Sinop with historic sites and natural beauty of the lush between May and October is a favorite of nature lovers.

Located in the northern most tip of Turkey Sinop, Samsun, Çorum and Kastamonu komşudur.kastamo to the transportation by sea, as can be seen-Boyabat way possible. Two weeks and a shield from Istanbul to Sinop ship has suffered.

The city’s name comes from the Amazon Queen vardır.mitolojik a myth that sources the name of the god of Sinope Sinope, daughter of Asapos gives the information given.

During the excavations conducted II. Period colonizing period frig ceramic finds recovered with a period of Sinop shows that under the sovereignty of the Phrygian. Kimmer and invasions of the Persians in the city has undergone. Alexander the Great defeated the Persians in 333 BC by the Greek dominance in Sinop have başlamıştır.hellenis era, is the most brilliant period of Sinop. Alexander “I do not want another gift to the shadows,” he was born in the famous philosopher Diogenes of Sinop.

Things to Do
Rich in natural beauty … in Sinop forest cover, the 175 km long coast of the Black Sea, abundant water resources, natural beaches, recreation areas constitute the city’s main beauty.

Sinop, geographical location, unique natural beauty, sandy beaches stretching for miles, clean water, sparkling sandy beaches, secluded bays covered with forests in places ranging from the sea, hospitable people with a great potential …

In Sinop of Turkey’s richest open-air museum. This museum in the vicinity of the ancient artifacts, coins, jewelry, baking, as well as swatches of the Ottoman era are on display.

On the beach of the Black Sea city of Sinop, in the eastern part of the city Karakum (which inserts) in the northwestern part of the beach has Akkum … Thin nose towards the northern end of the city in the dark Hamsilos must see! Hamsilos a fjord surrounded by forest land around Sinoplular source of pride …

Wining and Dining
Sinop’s “inoculum” named for a local food there. Private filed baked pastry with minced meat wrapped in grape-nuts from the inside or the inoculum can be found in pastry shops in town. Also you should not go without eating when exposed to Sinop Another thing is chestnut. Sinop, Turkey’s most delicious chestnut chestnut that söylenir.tabi with the sea bream, mackerel should not forget about the different kinds of fish …

Outdoor Sports
Sinop in the Black Sea region as a feature of the climate and vegetation covered with forest … Sinop on the ridges of mountains covered with magnificent fir and pine forests … So much history here in the “Sea of ​​Trees” has been named. Also to be seen to do Hamsilos in dark places … Sinop for water and underwater sports offers a separate potential.

Kastamonu, İnebolu

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: 3/8 February: 3/9 March: 6/13
April: 8/14 May: 12/18 June: 17/24
July: 20/26 August: 23/29 September: 18/24
October: 15/20 November: 8/15 Range: 7/13

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  1. Я разделяю благодарность за то, что вы предоставили столько информации о Турции.

  2. Я разделяю благодарность за то, что вы предоставили столько информации о Турции.


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