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“World-renowned and well-established Sivas Kangal Dogs history ..”

Sivas is located in the eastern part of Central Anatolia Region. The north of Tokat, Ordu, Giresun, Erzincan to the east, south, Malatya, Maras and Kayseri, Yozgat province in the west is surrounded by. City East Black Sea, Eastern and Central Anatolia region is a transition zone between. Province large part of the high plateau is covered with soil. Yeşilırmak Basin in the northern part of the province, southeastern part enters the Euphrates Basin. Silk Road at the intersection of Sivas, located in a place where the great and the famous King’s Road is a province of late. Sivas rich history, natural beauty, spa resort amenities with interesting offers to the tourists.

A large part of the province of Sivas, summers are hot and dry, winters cold and snowy remain under the influence of the continental climate of Central Anatolia. However, the Black Sea to the north, the climate effects of the East Anatolian region are high.
Hot springs and spas to benefit from the world-famous fish should be your choice this summer.

Sivas, Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia and the Black Sea and is located on the crossing space between the provinces. Railways and highways in the 1930s after the development of the province as a result, as the position has created an intersection point on the transport network. In freight transport, railway, highway passenger transportation with neighboring provinces and especially in the country’s other provinces and transportation are easily arranged. In recent years, the economy of the province of rapidly expanding air transport has a separate vitality. Istanbul – from Sivas is 893 kms. Ankara – Sivas 443 km distance between. dr.

Bus Terminal in the city center and, with municipal bus and minibus transportation is provided.

According to written sources, BC2000 settlement has been important in the early Hittite Period. Then, Phrygian, Lydian, Assyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Danisment, ilhanid, has experienced Eretna and Ottoman domination.

September 4, 1919 under the presidency of Atatürk collected by taking important decisions at the Sivas Congress, laid the foundation of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish city of Sivas has gained great importance on.

Things to Do
Great Mosque of: Get the UNESCO World Heritage List of the Great Mosque, Mengücek Suleyman Shah, son of the ruler of his sons was built in 1228 by Ahmed Shah. The mosque, north, east and west side of the field and extremely beautiful stone ornament which is entered through three. If Darussifası Behram Shah’s daughter by Melike Turan Melek was built on 1228. This unique monument occupies an area of ​​768 m2. Because in the 18th century turned into a madrasa is also called Sifaiye Madrasah.

Ulu Mosque in the city center. According to the inscription on the Sivas Museum in 1196-1197 was commissioned by Red Arslan bin Ibrahim.

Demiryurt Caves: Zara Demiryurt of the town is a cave in the village of numbers approaching fifty. Some of them side by side, some of the caves are many times. Man-made cave, this was the center of the settlement before the Christian era, after the spread of Christianity is understood from the signs used in the cave.

Koyulhisar 20 km from the town. Spinning Works plateau covered with pine forest in the distance outside financing by Misty Plateau, Sarıçiçek Plateau, Plateau Kalınpın, Shallots Plateau, Kengercik Plateau, Plateau and Başyayla are important plateaus lame.

Wining and Dining
Sivas dishes are based on more grain products. Jags, products mean, precipitate was prepared from milk products foods.

Summers ayran, beet soup, smartweed, evelik, düğürcek vaccine; winters tırhıt, sübüra, kelecoş, tarhana, stuffed meatballs, as hıngel pastry eaten. Sivas is also famous kebab. Tonir ash buns, fodl the potato or cheese made kömbe, kete, naan, bread dough variety, common to the region.

Fully wool and often with loops woven carpets, famous Sivas rugs, Tuluca called non-woven made bedspreads and wall decorations such as goods, knitting socks, made from tree holders, combs, knives and blades, copper work and silver jewelery from Sivas, which can be unique souvenirs.

Shopping centers are located in intensity Atatürk Caddesi. Sifaiye Madrasah, the Municipal Market, Jewellery Bazaar and Pasha Mosque are the places to shop environment.

Outdoor Sports
On the high plateau of Anatolia started rising towards the east of the province, northern, eastern and southeastern mountainous and ends with a steep cuts. The average elevation is over 1000 meters. In the province, which is an extension of the North Anatolian mountain Kose Mountains, from the northern branch of the Taurus Mountains and Incebel Mountains Tec, Akdağlar, Yama Mountain is located. I Merakü Uzunyayla and plateaus, as well as the Red River, Kelso, Çaltı valleys are important geographical formation. Important rivers of the Red River, Kelkit, Tozanlı Tea, Coffee and Tohma is Çaltı.
Climbing, trekking and swimming are among the sports to be held in the region.

Also unique to the region of the world-renowned in Sivas Kangal dogs are grown, are under state protection.

Spas alaman Sarkisla District of Sivas, Al Bremen village. From the bottom of boiling water. Water contains calcium bicarbonate. Rheumatism, neuralgia, and women’s health is good. Water temperature, 34 ° C respectively.
Hot Spring with Fish
The water temperature is 37 ° C. Çermik called spas in Sivas. In fish Thermal Springs “Fish Cermik referred to as”. Serpentine Cermik name, the hot springs occur in the foothills of the snake is said to be from. Fish Spring’s most interesting feature is the presence of the fish. This feature is unique in the world with countries could be called. Fish name is given for it. From the bottom of boiling water are very abundant. It is suitable for drinking. One of the pools is reserved for patients only. The aim of treatment are not allowed to come with the other pool. In the bath tub at the cabin in the form of those who want to can. Length 10 cm. ‘Exceeding fish, so yanaşmaz people are not sick. Their troubles are crusted sores. Such a patient entered the water, seeing that they immediately upon smb. Wound of their shells plucked, places. When finished, move away immediately. In a short time the wound scarring. Re not said in other places not to go. Results of this fish, as well as the effect of water is great. People deemed to be sacred fish, hunting does not consider any time.

The spa water, bath and treat people with drinking. Skin and skin, rheumatism, gynecological diseases is of great benefit. Pour sand in the kidneys. With a large number of accommodation facilities and the pool is open throughout the season. Easy to reach by road and rail is a healing center.

Tokat, Erzincan, Kayseri, Istanbul.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: -8 / 0 February: -5 / 4 March: 1/11
April: 6/17 May: 8/19 June: 12/27
July: 12/27 August: 15/33 September: 9/24
October: 7/19 November: -1 / 9 Range: -4 / 6
Special Days
Kangal Kangal Shepherd Dog and Sheep Cultural Arts Festival is scheduled in July in the town.
Asik Veysel Sarkisla Festival in July in the town, Trout Festival in August in Gürün 1 Week, Honey and Culture Festival in the town of Zara 26 to 27 August is celebrated for a period of between two days.

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