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General Information
“Natural wonder of the national parks …”

Located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Tunceli Province Upper Euphrates, north and west of Munzer Karasu River, with mountains in the east and the Great Fairy Water Bingol Mountains in the south, is surrounded by Keb Lake Dam. The province borders beset by significant natural lands in the east, Bingol and Elazig, Elazig in the south, west and north is bordered by the province of Erzincan. Turkey is the province with the smallest population.

Eastern Anatolia is one of the most scenic sections of the harsh continental climate in Tunceli is located. Therefore, the summer is hot and dry, winters are cold and very rainy. The snow remains for a long time, especially in the mountains. Months as well as a large temperature difference between the temperature difference between day and night would be the different. City’s annual climatic differences between the northern and southern part of the mountain range is located in the northern part of görülür.munz is higher in winter than in this chapter harsh. The weather will be cold in the winter and cool in summer. In these months are usually the vicinity of the springs. Snow depth of 2 feet through the winter here. In the southern part of the province is dominated by the harsh winter climate. However, a milder climate than the northern part of the reigns. Snowfall is not more to the north. Especially Keb Dam after completion of the climate in the southern region have softened further. Usually seen rain instead of snow. During the summer is hot. If you love winter snow would also miss out on this beautiful landscape.

“Trabzon: Black Sea metropolis!”

Trabzon was called Pontus Axeinos (Wild Sea) in the antic homeland for ages and it has been to many Civilisations from Pontus Kingdom Ottoman Empire since then. That’s why it enjoys a rich historical heritage … Sumela Monastery is the most famous historical site in Trebizond where you will also be charmed to witness unique green plantation forests and wild …

Hittite Anatolia, the first in the history of the Union have reached up to Tunceli, but have not been fully dominated environment. And Hurin in Tunceli, shows the influence of Babylonian and Assyrian Empire. Med ‘s part-time and Persians’ s time (M.Ö.VI. hundred years) Alexander the Great, the Macedonian Government has the floor here. A.D. 395 ‘te of Rome, such as the division of the whole of Anatolia to Tunceli with the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire has fallen to the share. VII. hundred years from the middle of Arabs have access to this environment, VIII. a period of one hundred years of Islamic Empire has participated in Tunceli. Natural structure as a result, has gained importance in that period alone Çemişgezek County.
Tunceli from 1071 until 1252 in Erzincan was under the administration of the reigning Mengüç. Mountainous zone of the Red River from the Seljuk and Mongol ‘a right after raids in the region of Dersim have had a lot of Turkish tribes and settled here.

Things to Do
Located in the higher parts of the mountains in the province, many of the small crater lake there is no other significant natural lake. Keb Dam Lake in the southern border provinces, constitute a large water surface. Features in the physical geography of the province of Tunceli, climate variability and water resources are very rich, depending on the emerging bio-diversity, rich in vegetation and natural landscape has led to the emergence of images.
PULUR TUMULUS: Çemisgezek on the mound in the district during the excavations made in 1968, the remains of the Bronze Age have been found. Bulk house consisting of houses on the mound is made of stone and adobe. Stone mortar and stone reliefs were found. Wrought iron, and chromium has been found to belong to 3000 BC has been found.

YELMANİ MOSQUE: Çemisgezek is the county. Mosque XIV. YY. Tamerlane ‘, which is connected to a Turkmen gentlemen were made by Tacettin to Yale. Works made of cut stone was repaired later. Tile and stone works of art made with used together, the Seljuks of Ottoman art, art reflects a transition. There are arched columns in the mosque.

CHURCHES: Pertek district of the churches in the village Til Syriac church made of cut stone. Greek crown is the plan. XVIII Armenian church located in the same region. century were made.

Wining and Dining
Which has a very rich food culture of local dishes Zerefet of Tunceli (Babiko), Sirekurt, Sirepat, the Keskek, Kavut, Patil is an example of the famous dishes. Endemic plants and vegetable dishes, Gulik Meal, Mushroom Dinner, Döğme Soup, Döğme Rice, Soup Gulik, Griz Dinner dishes include dried vegetables. Halva of traditional local desserts, sweet mulberry, Ashura, Beet dessert, pumpkin dessert, Hesian (watered mulberry molasses, flour and butter) and baklava is located.

From each other skillfully woven by young girls and mats on the region-specific pattern where processing which is a type of “Cici” and the bag can be used as a “saddlebag” are sold as souvenirs in the shops. Pülümür from each other aroma that grows in the mountains with many different bees collect from flowers made with pure natural essence of which was “Pülümür Honey” as a gift for consumption and can be taken.
Munz Valley National Park in the mountains in a completely natural environment that grows on its own cure various troubles, single-threaded “Ovacik garlic” Ovacik district with shops in the city center are offered for sale.
That grows in high mountain pastures in Tunceli different from the milk of grass-fed animals smelling the famous mountains in Turkey “Şavak Cheese” is to find buyers from all over Turkey.

Outdoor Sports
Munzer conducive to camp on the edge of the river, plenty of trees, meadows and beaches, as found in the parts where the river widens and stagnating possible to swim in the summer. Munz mountain goats in the mountains and valleys ur partridge, wolves, bears, foxes, rabbits are prey animals such as mountain goats and for the procreation of trout fishing is prohibited. Munzer hectare site in the valley of approximately 41.b with the aim of nature protection has been declared as a national park in 1972.

In Tunceli and medicinal water spas Although there are a large amount of them tanınmayış across the country and the lack of recreational facilities in an amount sufficient for the purpose of Provincial Health of the local and foreign tourists have been adversely affected. A variety of domestic and foreign tourists who come here and stay with the challenges of food matches, spas benefit sufficiently from negatively affects.

Dredge the spa Mazgirt County Dedebag (see the) village is within the boundaries. Fairy water passes right in front of the spa. The temperature of the source water is 35’c’. Recreational facilities consist of inadequate and poorly maintained, the benefit here is adversely affected.

Thermal great: Nazimiye is within the boundaries of the parish of Dallıbah. There are accommodations on the principles. In source water temperature is 30’c’. In summer season, many visitors are staying here for a while for health reasons.

Harçik drink: Central District is within the boundaries, there is no any facility on. Tunceli-Erzincan is on the way.

Elazığ, Bingöl, Erzincan.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: -6/2 February: -3 / 6 March: 2/13
April: 8/19 May 10/24 June: 16/34
July: 19/35 August: 21/39 September: 13/30
October 10/24 November: 0/13 Range: -1 / 7
Special Days
Every year on November 17 Days of Liberation “Atatürk’s arrival in Pertek” and on December 17 “of liberation from enemy occupation of Pülümür” is celebrated with various activities conducted.

Pülümür Honey Festival:
Pülümür in the county each year, in September, held on the dates specified ‘Pülümür Honey Festival’, gives wealth to the region’s economic and cultural life. During the festival, various cultural events, as well as to encourage the production of quality honey competitions are organized and awarded to the top three winning product owner and honey producers are encouraged in this way.

Çemişgezek Mulberry and Cheese Festival:
Çemişgezek in the district for the first time 26 to 28 June 1998 in the celebrated ‘Mulberry and Cheese Festival have people brought together to unite, as well as regional promotion of products in terms of providing the county contributes a great and organized events and festival attendees a good time they are spending.

Munz Culture and Nature Festival:
Tunceli Municipality for the first time by 28 to 30 July 2000, held at the ‘Munz Culture and Nature Festival, a festival comprehensive and broad participation respectively. Photo exhibition, folk dances, folk music concerts, film shows, city trip, panel discussions, interviews and letters of signings with a very large segment attracted the attention of the festival program Tunceli from outside the significant contributions have been realized.

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