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“Thermal tourism centers of Turkey!”

Yalova, Turkey has made a name in the field of thermal tourism is one of the most important spa centers. Thermal tourism that can be found throughout the four seasons a chance to practice this port city outside our coastal tourism, hunting tourism, nature tourism, such as sporting events throughout the year witnessing. Pear, especially the world famous thermal spas and health spas in Turkey and the Middle East, has become a center of healing and relaxation. Yalova one of the most important features is the widespread cultivation of ornamental plants.

Suitable for spa tourism in Yalova during all four seasons. Besides spa tourism, coastal tourism for the summer months, summer and autumn to spring in addition to hunting tourism, alternative tourism activities such as sporting nature tourism can opt for a port city.

For those who prefer the highway;

Yalova Province of Istanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa Provincial highway is the triangular intersection. Terminal Yalova city center.

Bus Station Tel: (+90-226) 814 45 77 – 812 56 66

While for those who prefer the Seaway;

Yalova and Istanbul Yenikapi, Stone, Bob and sea eagles and express bus is linked with scaffolding, artillery – Eskihisar are made between the car ferry.

Ferries: (+90-226) 812 04 99
Naval Operations: (+90-226) 362 04 44
Trolley Ferries: (+90-226) 811 13 23
Gunners Ferry Pier: (+90-226) 353 38 35

Date of Yalova BC 3000 findings are based on the Prehistoric period. BC Cimmerian invasion in 700 years, and then shows the effect of Bithynia. Bithynia, BC Is connected to Rome through his will in 74 years. Then Byzantine influence is seen in the region. After the Byzantine domination of the Ottoman period begins.

Istanbul was a district became a province in 1995.

Things to Do
Moving Kiosk: Atatürk Horticultural Research Institute located at the seaside pavilion in the garden, the arrival of Atatürk in Yalova on August 21, 1929, by an instruction, two-story, rectangular, wood frame is made. Great Leader
When it comes to farm someday gardener trying to cut the branches of a tree are visible. Just Calling his gardener asks the reason for this. The gardener, “branches of the tree have been extended to the walls of the pavilion,” he says. Thereupon, the great leader of the lodge, slide cut the branches of the tree gives the command. Then on 10 August 1930 on the train tracks that were brought from Istanbul building 480 cm. shifting the branches of the tree being cut down to recover. This example of how environmentalists have an understanding of ancestors shows that.

Ataturk Kiosk Thermal: Thermal in 1929 were made in 38 days. Built a two-story wooden structure. Three reception rooms and has eleven rooms. Goods used in that period, together with the public as a museum pavilion is protected. a painting by Russian artist Aivazovsky, Iran and Hereke carpets, French, Japanese and Chinese porcelain, brass bedroom, French lacquered chairs, a gazelle skin is covered with a radio and a German piano. Is open to visitors every day except Thursdays.

TİGEM Atatürk Pavilion: tigem’n (Agricultural Enterprises General Directorate) depending consists of a two storey building located on the land. Atan Atan and materials used in some of the photos taken in Yalova boards are available.

Rüstempasha Mosque: The Last Ottoman-era mosque, which works, Yalova beside the central mosque in the center and is available.

Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque and Complex – land: the 16th century the two domed mosque is built, the main building of the mosque congregation and is still in service. Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque next to the tomb of a fountain and the ruins of the baths are available.

Haci Ali Pasha Mosque – Pear: Making the Orhan Ghazi is said to extend to the period. The mosque, located in the town center, is open for worship. The mosque’s interior wood design wooden eaves and teeth, is shown as an example of fine workmanship.

Leaded Bath: It was built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian. Due to natural disasters and wars have been buried in the soil over time Leaded Bath, in 1900, was restored by order of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Top of the bath is lined with lead, leaded Bath was named for. Ottoman written on the exterior of the bathroom there is an inscription on the marble.

Validated Bath: 6 domed Byzantine period, as King Constantine is made. There are still three dome. During the Ottoman period by Sultan Majid and his mother was treated here Renovation Bath was named Queen Mother. Ottoman marble in the steam room there is an inscription.

Black Church: Çiftlikköy Capital 1 coastal site known as the Black Church located in and among the people of the Roman period are water-type structure. This structure was converted into a church during the Byzantine period.

Eyup of the Yalova-i Yalakabad: Kagıthane-i Yalakabad of the Yalova with the name “paper is made by hand” period in the Elmalik Village was founded in 1745 by Ibrahim Müteferrika. As of the period established by the Yalova and historical significance of the Ottoman period and the identity of the Republic of Turkey’s most important Kağıthanes also carries with it.

Karaca Arboretum: In 1980, TEMA Foundation was established by the founder Hayrettin Karaca. -Thermal Yalova on the highway, 5 km from the province center. within the village is located within Samanli. Landscape weighted, arboretum is a collection, has been established in an area of ​​135.000 m2. In rock gardens, herb gardens, iris gardens, rose gardens, miniature plants, bonsai plant collections, etc. born in Turkey. There are examples. Notably Turkey, Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Australia, New Zealand and the plant samples next to the continent, there are examples of endemic plants in Turkey. Arboretum around 5 thousand woody, herbaceous rhizomes and bulbs that much available. Between the hours of 13:00 to 18:00 on Sundays, guided visits are open to the public and groups.

Also in the village of Yalova Altınova Fevzi wrestling tournaments are scheduled each year on June 8.

Sugoren crafts in the village is very advanced. Carpet weaving villages constitute a major source of livelihood. In particular, the quality and texture of silk carpets woven in Sugören me a lot in Istanbul and Europe are finding buyers. The number of knots per square centimeter Given the quality to compete with the famous persian carpets are woven carpets. There are many stalls in the village for this purpose. The village is popular with young women and girls to this area and to provide a source of livelihood are.
Kenan ÖZBEL crafts specialist, was established to bring Sugören carpet looms for the first time. By order of parliament for the first time in Turkey given the title of professor is a person.

Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara He and his wife personally made embroidery. Kenan is buried in Göneyköy ÖZBEL is of Caucasian descent. Further examples Saddle making handicrafts made widely used in Yalova, despite the nearly forgotten today was.

Outdoor Sports
Daily Tourism: Yalova is a province rich in tourism opportunities daily. There are many in the province promenade. Day trips in areas with recreation areas and natural features are made. Hasanbaba picnic area, picnic area and animal conservation park.

Çınarcık Hasanbaba – Esenköy: Thermal and Çınarcık between the districts and Çınarcık ridge located in the Hasan Baba picnic and promenade, a wide-spread and, oak, chestnut and linden trees, overlooking the sea, photo safaris can be made of natural beauty include. Also in this area there is a natural deer conservation area. Hasan Baba promenade, there are restaurants offering catering services.

Çınarcık-Esenköy beaches, the coastal strip to swim is the most preferred. Located between Çınarcık-Esenköy “sandy beach” beach and the infrastructure is the case with the most organized beaches, swim beach is most intense. In the county numerous accommodation, catering and entertainment facilities are available.

Tourism: Yalova province, coastal, forest, springs and youth facilities and fitness is an area suitable for tourism. Groups of young people from home and abroad are to camp. The Delmece Sudüşen Falls, and more are preferred.

Sudüşen Falls: Üvezpınar 8 km from the village. Located waterfall and the surrounding area has unique natural beauty. The road to the waterfall, a perfect hiking (trekking) trail is busy in the summer months is preferred as domestic and foreign tourists. The road leading to the waterfall on the route of a unique reservoir, sea and countryside views are available on this route, photo safaris, hiking trails and picnic areas are used as.

Delmece Plateau: major highlands of the province of Yalova Kocadere and Teşvikiye of the towns are located south of Plum and Delmece. Delmece Plateau’s only natural lake in Yalova “Bottomless Lake” There is a crater lake known by the name. These springs are largely pine, oak, chestnut and linden trees are covered with forests of. Plateau Teşvikiye separated from the town of dirt roads maintained.

Trekking, hikking, Biking: Yalova provinces inland in forested areas, especially walking (trekking), rural navigation (hikking) and mountain biking (biking) is extremely important in terms of amenities. Located in Teşvikiye “Drilling and Erikli Plateau” in Üvezpınar “Sudüşen Falls”, Yalova Üvezpınar Haydariye the Gemlik, from Teşvikiye Erikli, Delmece, Gemlik Falcons topped mountain biking and trekking areas are the ideal kurtköy. Also Kılıçköy, Zucchini, Denizçalı, Ilyas, Çukurköy, Dereköy, to Laleder, Gacık, Soğuksu, Kocadere, Mother bridge ideal biking tracks are far from Lake Iznik. Amateur Bicycle touring pitches can be made; Yalova-Samanlı Village, with Akko road Yenimahalle Continuing with the heavens Akköy dam about the environment and return by the same route creates a 50 km track. For professional cyclists; Yalova-Samanlı Village Akköy from the thermal Arab neighborhood crossroads, Ortabur the return route to Yalova out Çınarcık trail area is used as a fake. Also
Starting from the Çiftlikköy County sultanas, Gacık, Elmalık, sultanas Kazımiye through the villages and areas that can be turned into Çiftlikköyü area can be used as bike trails and amateur bicycle competition in this area were made in 1998. The area above the bed rock Sudüşen Waterfall is suitable for eco-tourism.

Camp Caravan Tourism: Yalova is suitable for camping and caravan tourism. Especially on the coast with the natural beauty, youth have the opportunity to camp while preserving the natural values. Üvezpinar and Kurtköy region, the city center is located on the coastline camps.

Hunting: Hunting Tourism organized for hunting enthusiasts hunting programs. The presence of prey animals used for the development of hunting tourism. Yalova in terms of both land and water hunting is an important position. City, due to the natural structure allows çelitl animal species live. So hunting tourism is becoming attractive. Quail and turtle dove hunting is done in plenty.

Land Hunting: Mecidiyeköy, Pear pond, Delmece Esenköy, Ortabur the Hacımehmet village, Assad, Sugoren, Elmalık, Cover, Kılıçköy, Ahmadis are carried out in the vicinity.

Fishing: Water hunting Çobankaya nose, Çalıder the nose, Ogee, Çiftlikköy are held in the Old Cave area. Üvezpınar Sudüşen Waterfall is located west of the village on the hunt trout. Near the village of orchards and Kurtköy Teşvikiye, Esenköy and is located in Paşaköy Trout.

Spear Diving: Pear found around the rocky areas of our regions according to spear diving and water sports. These sports activities are conducted in Bozburun and Ayıburn open. Esenköy, Pear and Şenköy position Çınarcık Deveboynu coastline coastline sea bass, sea bream, etc. There are plenty of fish species as suitable for spear fishing. For fish habitat qualities to be spear fishing in the rocky coastline of our country is one of the most suitable sites.

Health Tourism

Health tourism is a type of tourism with the goal of treatment. Those who wish to benefit from nature’s health, hot water, mineral, baths, spas, and some of them complete cure centers and the provision of medical supplies are visiting the health centers. Spas and drinking water supplies to benefit from tourism, which requires a longer length of stay. Spas, which feature natural resources are used primarily for domestic tourism. In our country, most of the middle age group preferred type of tourism Thermalism. In this regard, Yalova province is very fortunate position. 3 Specifically, the spa facilities tourism is to ensure the continuity of age. Thermal Baths and Pears are served in the summer and winter. Yalova Thermal spas and Pear Turkey is one of the first very important and priority spa.

Thermal Spas: Roman and Byzantine eras Yalova Thermal Springs, 12 km from the city center. at a distance, Sultan bath in the spa facilities (bath Queen Mother), Leaded date as bath bath bath and Peasants are available. Historic Leaded Bath include a sauna and outdoor swimming pool. On-site water healing of gastric juice-eye and foot healing waters called water is available. Plane and Çamlik hotels in the area are available, in bath in the basement floors of the hotel, the spa water is used for bathing. These physical and chemical analyzes of water containing sulphate, sodium and calcium hypothermal and mineral water was found to be hypotonic. Stomach and intestinal diseases, chronic gastritis, nezlev bowel disease, spastic colitis, and intestinal secretions and bile regurgitation is connected to the diarrhea, irritable-induced constipation, intestinal parasites and hemorrhoids, degenerative rheumatism (arthritis) and soft tissue rheumatism in the curing healings among the diseases are. Spas in the neighborhoods surrounding Gökçedere and Üvezpınar numerous accommodation and catering facilities are available.

Pear Hot Springs: Hot Springs, 2.5 km from the district center. is north, 50 km from Yalova. away. Spas in hotel, restaurant, Turkish bath, massage rooms, jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool are available. Springs chemical classification of sulphate, bicarbonate, chloride, calcium, sodium and carbon dioxide has a composition. The mineral amount of 2100 – 2421 mg. include. The spa waters suitable for drinking and bath cures bathing, drinking and Applied as mud, water is also practiced by inhaling the gas. Pear spas, spas are classified as high radioactivity. Healthy heart treatment, the acid detoxification of the body, the nervous system, inflammatory diseases and gynecological diseases, stomach and bowel diseases, wound healing, functioning of the liver, the hormone in the regulation and as a diuretic provides benefits. Pear numerous accommodation in the town, eating and entertainment facilities are available.

Çınarcık, Pear, Gemlik, Karamursel Orhangazi.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: 2/8 February: 4/10 March: 6/14
April: 9/18 May: 12/22 June: 17/27
July: 18/28 August: 20/31 September: 16/25
October: 14/20 November: 7/15 Range: 6/12
Yalova Thermal Tourism Center

»Location: in the Marmara Region, Istanbul Province west of the woodland is in a strait.
»Transportation: Yalova city center is 11 km away.
»Water temperature: 55-60 degrees
»PH Value: 7.48 to 6.88
»Features: hyperthermal, hypotonic mineral water. Sulfate, sodium, calcium.
»Applications: Bath and Drinking cures
»Treatment Diaesses: Bath cures rheumatic diseases, especially of the locomotor system painful disease, have undergone surgery painful abdominal diseases, chronic inflammatory and painful gynecological diseases, in the legs of some vascular occlusion drinking and bathing cures diabetes, gout, obesity, metabolic diseases such as, blood accumulates cholesterol, lipid bodies, such as cleaning of oil and uric acid excretion through the urine is effective in accumulation.
»Accommodation: Turban Thermal Hotel (100 Rooms, 200 Beds) Gökçedere Yalova Hotel (39 rooms, 86 beds) Gökçedere Village


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